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        As the extensive event of CIFTIS branding, the 2017 Beijing International Fair for Trade in Services, in accordance with the ideas, purposes and contents of CIFTIS, will take full advantage of the existing merchant resources and invite more businessmen from home and abroad to join in the exhibitions and conferences to jointly promote the international service trade and share the development fruits.

The 2017 Beijing International Fair for Trade in Services will focus on three characteristics as follows:

1. Contents: the fair will, in accordance with the development concepts of promoting the “openness, innovation and integration” of the service industry, focus on further opening-up of the service sector, service trade innovation, and the latest trend of the international service trade development, highlight the professionalization and internationalization and promote "extensive match-making, broader negotiation, and wide spread integration” of domestic and foreign service sectors.

2. Forms of the fair: the fair will attach greater importance to innovation and interaction. Combining with "Internet Plus", especially the new forms of industry amalgamation and new ways of service consumption brought by the mobile Internet, the fair will display the latest service products, carry out onsite auctions and transactions of technology, copyright and cross-border e-commerce trades, and further highlight onsite transactions and interactions.

3. Hosts: the fair will further play the important role of chambers, associations, and intermediary institutions and invite more enterprises in the service field to join in the exhibitions and conferences.

The 2017 Beijing International Fair for Trade in Services will set up an area of 50,000 square meters for exhibition and demonstration, hold more than 80 meetings, seminars and business talks, and invite domestic and overseas representatives of enterprises and professional institutions in service industry. It aims to promote further opening-up of China’s service industry, foster the international competitiveness of China services and deepen international cooperation in service trade. It will make new contributions to constantly promote the supply-side structural reform of the service industry, further develop China's service industry and service trade; cultivate new energy for economic development and shape China’s upgrading economy.