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Review of the 3rd CIFTIS

Review of the 3rd China Beijing International Fair for Trade in Services


The Third CIFTIS focused on further opening up of the service industry with 133 events in forms of exhibitions, forums, business talks and trade. 153,000 people from 117 countries and regions were invited or attracted to the fair, among which, 145,000 of them were professional merchants and the total area for conferences and exhibition were 50,000 square meters. Vice-Premier of the State Council, Wang Yang paid a pavilion visit at the CIFTIS and sent a written address to the summit; Zhang Baowen, Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, attended the summit and delivered a speech; Solvita Aboltina, Chairperson of the Parliament of Latvia, also attended and addressed the summit. The Third CIFTIS highly showcased the newest achievements in trade in services of China and other countries and regions that had attended the fair. Discussion and exchange about the new development trend and hotpots of trade in services, having promoted matching business talks, trade and cooperation among companies home and abroad.


Highlights in four perspectives of the Third CIFTIS: 

1. Its growth is increasingly reflected. For one thing, the quality and quantity of exhibitors were both improved. In total,there were 2,524 companies registered and attended the fair, increasing by 33% compared with the year before, among which, there were 210 overseas professional buyers. It was the first time that there were exhibitors from both countries and regions of the global trade in services top 20 joining the CIFTIS. For another thing, the signed projects were greatly more internationalized, which generated more prominent driving effects on the trade in services across China. Intentioned signing projects accounted for 43.3%, increased by 21 percentage points compared with last year, indicating that the contribution of CIFTIS on promoting companies’ cooperation in global trade in services. Except for Beijing, intentioned signing projects of other provinces and municipalities took up 42%, raised by 21 percentage points from that of the year before. It is more evident for the contributions of the CIFTIS to the development of the trade in services in China. In addition, expansion and upgrading have been achieved in exhibition introduced from other countries. The two major international famed exhibitions introduced by CIFTIS has achieved upgrading with it. “Stories-Driven China” was upgraded to “Stories-Driven Asia” and “Smart City China” turned into “Smart City Asia”.

2. Its attraction is increasing year by year. Firstly, the cooperation with three major international organizations is further enhanced. Cooperation with the permanent supporters including WTO, UNCTAD, OECD is increasingly more pragmatic. A working mechanism that the CIFTIS co-organizes high-level forums with one of its permanent supporters every session has preliminarily formed. Secondly, increasingly more international organizations are attracted to join the fair. International Trade Centre expressed its strong will to cooperate with CIFTIS and World Trade Point Federation has sent a delegation to CIFTIS and set its secretariat in Beijing continuously for three years. 21 international industrial organizations and overseas business associations participated in the fair, which was ten more than that of the year before. Thirdly, more strong countries and regions of trade in services participated in the fair. Specifically, 55 countries and regions have participated in the CIFTIS for continued three times, among which, 18 is in the list of global top 20 in trade in services. 8 overseas countries and regions including Britain, Singapore, Japan and Korea have sent their delegations to join in the fair for continued three sessions. Fourthly, many famed companies home and abroad have become the regular guests of the CIFTIS, and prestigious companies like Siemens, Carrefour, China Post, and Tongrentang have joined the fair for three sessions continuously.

3. The timeliness is increasingly improved. Focusing on the demand of exhibitors and buyers, the CIFTIS takes active measures to explore development pattern of trade in services, promote smart management of exhibition venues and menu management of on-site service, schematize exhibition and presentation, standardize business talks and trade, implement green management of the exhibition and advance online and offline interaction, continuously improving service quality of CIFTIS. According to the online and offline e-commerce mode, online trade matching system was put forward for the first time, specifically, a trade hall of 3500 square meters was set on site, and companies can find the proper potential partner online and then have one-to-one match offline according to the process of “businessmen registration, application to match, matching confirm and offline business talks. In total, 682 companies and 159,6 people took in-depth business talks and most of them benefited a lot from it.

4. It gets increasingly more attention. In the media circle, there were 262 media outlets and 1,437 journalists having done a news report about the fair with 908 original news reports, 4,331 reprinted ones, about 150,000 Weibo topics and 750,000 pieces of information about CIFTIS. In website attention data, there were 2.815 million visits, among which, there were 1.4324 million visits on its website of other languages, accounting for 47% and the number of visits to its websites in languages of Spanish and Russian, French, Arabic, Korean and Japanese amounted to 140,000. And in the exhibition field, each professional conference was packed. Participants of the 2014 China-Beijing E-Commerce Conference, China Express Industrial (International) Development Conference, and China’s International Exhibition Industry Development Conference far outnumbered the registrant.


The Third CIFTIS has made major achievements in four aspects as follows:

1. The CIFTIS expressed China’s commitment to the opening up of service industry. CIFTIS Organizing Committee and OECD co-held the Summit with the theme of “the Role of Trade in Services in Global Value Chain”. Vice Premier Wang Yang sent a written address to the summit, which clearly presented the international community with Chinese government’s confidence and determination to firmly     promote the service industry opening up. Zhang Baowen, vice chairman of the NPC Standing Committee, stressed that China would achieve a greater degree of penetration into the global service-oriented value chain via the opening up of service industry. UNCTAD Secretary-General Mukhisa Kituyi pointed out that Vice Premier Wang Yang’s speech clearly demonstrated that, “The Chinese Government has showed its determination and made a promise to further open the service market, which represents the government has grasped the critical point of the future economic development. William Danvers, Deputy Secretary General of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, noted that “Vice Premier Wang Yang’s speech makes me feel the determination of Chinese government to reform the service industry and seek the global leadership in this field”, and “the government has put the industry on a critical position in the holistic reform”. The confidence of the outside world on our efforts to promote further opening up of service industry and sustainable economic development has been enhanced through the successful CIFTIS Summit and professional conferences.

2. It expanded the breadth and depth of international cooperation on trade in services. The CIFTIS of this year further enhanced the exchange and cooperation among different countries, international organizations and trade association with 91 dignitaries of different countries, ministers, and ambassadors to China, heads of international organizations, trade associations and international companies attending the third CIFTIS. It was continued to hold the WTO & China: Beijing International Forum and UN Procurement Presentation. Officials from World Trade Point Federation, International Trade Centre, International Centre for Trade and Development attended the fair’s activities. International Designers Federation, International trade guilds and overseas trade societies including Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, European E-Commerce Association and Brazil Service Industry Federation sent their delegations to join the fair. 17 foreign countries and regions like Britain, Germany, Singapore, ROK and India also sent their delegations to the fair, with 6 of the global top 10 of trade in services join the CIFTIS; 12 foreign countries and regions held their theme day and special activities, promoting exchange and cooperation in culture creativity, information technology and tourism service.

3. It has promoted the integration among different sectors and the transformation development of service industry. The CIFTIS emphasized the innovation fruits of trade in services and discussed the development trend of the global service industry. It not only provided opportunities for the integrating development among different industries but also facilitating the connection between the service industry and other connections. The stories-driven conferences told and sold stories, presenting the core content via books, games, films, cartoons and electronic publications to improve trans-media, trans-cultural and trans-regional exchange. The E-Commerce Conference, with the theme of “Cross-Border Integration · Innovative Development” invited heads of e-commerce companies home and abroad to discuss how to achieve cross-border integration of e-commerce. The sports service part focused on the matching and cooperative activities between sports and new media & capital market and organized related seminars and promotion activities, advancing the sports trade in services.

4. The CIFTIS facilitated the pragmatic cooperation and matching trade among companies. During the session, there were about 4000 professional businessmen from scientific service, environmental service, convention and exhibition service, sports service, TCM service and cultural trade in services tapped into business talks. Digital Content Business Convention of CIFTIS received 2,000 professional visitors, finishing 350 times of one-to-one business talks with 2.06 billion Yuan of cooperative intentioned projects. About 400 companies attended the OTO E-Commerce Model Symposium and achieved an intended-contract value of 50 billion Yuan. International Sports Services Trade Conference facilitated the successful achievements of 33 signed contracts in sports trade including “2014 France Champion's Trophy”, “2014 Red Bull Flying World Championships” and “Letv purchasing the NBA broadcasting right”.