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Review of the 4th CIFTIS

Review of the 4th China Beijing International Fair for Trade in Services


The fourth session of the China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS) focused on the openness, innovation and integration of new ideas, focused on six key areas of science and technology, Internet and information, cultural education, finance, business and tourism, and health care, held 122 forum meetings and trade negotiation activities, with a total exhibition area of 50,000 square meters, attracted 126 countries and regions, and 171,000 businessmen exhibitors. Vice Premier Wang Yang visited the CIFTIS exhibitions, listened to the reports and guided the work, the Beijing Municipal Party Committee Secretary Guo Jinlong attended the Global Trade in Services Summit and delivered a keynote speech. The symposium focused on the latest achievements in the development of the trade in services between China and the participating countries and regions, participants conducted in-depth discussions on the frontiers and hotspots of the development of trade in services, which effectively promoted the multi-levels communication and cooperation between the government, international organizations, business associations and enterprises.

Compared with the previous, the current CIFTIS mainly presented the following three characteristics:

1. Higher degree of internationalization

(1) Increased number of overseas exhibitors and merchants. A total of 126 countries and regions participated, nine more countries and regions than the third CIFTIS; there are 375 overseas participants, 1551 participants, respectively increased 12% and 16% than the third CIFTIS.

(2) The number of groups participated in the name of the country increased substantially. There are 34 countries and regions including Britain, France, Singapore and others participated, 17 more countries and regions than the third CIFTIS, of which the Czech Republic, the Netherlands and other 14 countries and regions are participating in the CIFTIS for the first time.

(3) A higher degree of enthusiasm of the international organizations and international business associations for participating in the CIFTIS. The World Trade Organization (WTO) and the organizing committee of the CIFTIS held the keynote forum of the fourth CIFTIS--Global Trade in Services Summit together; there are 60 associations of European countries and regions such as the European Union E-Commerce Association, the US Service Trade Union, the National Association of Software and Service Companies (NASSCOM) participated in the Fair, and the number is three times of the third CIFTIS.

(4) Established the international cooperation agencies and guest countries for the first. World Intellectual Property Organization, International Trade Center, World Alliance Trade Network, World Trade Centers Association become the international cooperation organizations for the CIFTIS, and it is liable for the substantive commitment to the organization of international forums; the United Kingdom participated in the fair as the first guest of honor.

2. Higher fusion degree and activity

(1) More prominent development of integration. The Beijing Mayor International Entrepreneurs Advisory Conference, Beijing International Tourism Expo and Beijing International Finance Expo were integrated into the CIFTIS successively to integrate the high-quality exhibition resources; The Beijing Overseas Chinese Affairs Office and the Beijing Municipal Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine jointly organized the "Development of Traditional Chinese Medicine Conference" in an innovative organizing way, there are 69 countries and regions, more than 200 Chinese and overseas Chinese participated in the conference, boosted the internationalization of Chinese medicine; strengthen the cross-border cooperation in thematic sectors, promoted the Internet, culture and other related industries to accelerate the  development of integration; To increase interactive experience, ice and snow sports experience, brainwave racing and other interactive projects were set up in the exhibition activities, attracted nearly 8,000 people to come to experience the service trade around on the public open days.

(2) More active negotiation of business. Exhibitors released more than 600 trading project information before the meeting through the official website of the CIFTIS and mobile APP platform,  released more than 350 transaction projects on the scene, and actively sought project cooperation transactions; France, Australia and other countries and regions held 17 theme activities, more than 30 ambassadors and business counselors participated in the promotion negotiation; All the domestic provinces and municipalities participated in the fair,  and 14 of them were led by the provincial leaders, there are10 provinces including Guizhou, Shanghai and others held special promotion activities. According to the organizing committee's preliminary statistics, a total of 331 projects were signed on the current CIFTIS, the amount of signing intention up to 101.08 billion dollars, increased 40.3% and 23.5% respectively than the third CIFTIS. Among them, the international cooperation intention signed 121 projects, intended to sign $ 19.88 billion, respectively accounts for 36.6% and 19.7% of the total number of signed projects and signed contracts. (See attachments for details)

3. Higher attention

The current CIFTIS attracted the attention and praise of domestic and international media, a total of 267 Chinese and foreign media participated in the reports, formed 815 original news reports, a total number of nearly 5,000 cumulative article reproductions, more than 30 million microblogging topics, the Facebook and Twitter accounts of the CIFTIS were browsed for nearly 4 million times. Reuters reported on the financial channel of its official website that the fourth session of the CIFTIS focused on the field of trade in services, the scale of the exhibition is the world's largest; Washington Post launched in its China Watch edition that Beijing open doors to welcome global service trade partners; The Dutch national television reported that the CIFTIS is a global trade fair event, 20 companies of the Netherlands participated in the exhibition, docking the financial, design, tourism, agricultural services, looking for opportunities in China market; Ta Kung Pao evaluated that CIFTIS is a high quality platform for the global services trade, the exhibition make the people see CIFTIS step forward and its beautiful prospects in the organization of services, promotion of cooperation and other aspects of innovation; Xinhua News Agency introduced the fourth session of the  CIFTIS made 192 various reports, which is equivalent to the sum of the reports on previous three sessions.

The fourth CIFTIS has achieved the following four results:

1. To boost the implementation of national open strategy and get new achievements

(1) International consensus on the development of trade in services. The Global Trade in Services Summit focused on the theme of "Innovation and Integration in Service Trade", discussed the importance of trade in services in the global value chain and the global opportunities in the digital era, expressed China's confidence and determination to expand its service industries, and  motivated new driving force for the development of global trade in services. Representatives of the Association of Service Traders from 13 Asia-pacific countries such as Australia, Singapore and China, discussed the implementation of the "APEC Competitiveness Roadmap for Service Industry" and reached a preliminary consensus.

(2) To expand new space for the Belt and Road service trade cooperation. Ten theme forums of the Belt and Road Initiative and five thematic plates of the Belt and Road Initiative such as theme exhibition, cultural trade and Chinese medicine services, showed new business opportunities for trade on the Belt and Road Initiative, explored new opportunities for trade in services, attracted the merchants of 51 countries and regions along the Belt and Road to negotiate. StoryDrive took the "New Silk Road New Ideas" as the theme, contributed to the national and regional books copyright trading cooperation along the Belt and Road. The UK focuses on promoting the Belt and Road Initiative financial solutions and building a new model of mutual benefit and win-win situation between China and Britain as a guest of honor.

(3) To promote the new experience of expanding the service industry and the innovation development of service trade. In the current CIFTIS, Beijing and other 15 domestic service trade innovation pilot areas, through the small-scale activities such as the innovation pilot exhibition of international trade in services, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei joint exhibition, Beijing theme day, the pilot area theme day and the international exhibition to promote the new policy for opening Beijing's service industries, new experiences and service trade innovation pilot areas of new programs, new practices, explored how to further open up the service area and innovate the service trade system mechanism.

2. To inject new driving force into the structural reform of the supply side in the service industries

(1) To meet the diverse needs for the services. Promote new service models in health care, sports services, culture and education and others, which is conducive to promoting the "Internet+ life", "Internet+ pension", "Internet+ education" and other services to enhance the quality of services; technology services, design services , courier services and other services launched new service formats, which is conducive to promoting the research and development, design, logistics and distribution of productive services to develop into the high value chain, boosting the real economy transformation and upgrading.

(2) To boost the mutual promotion of trade in services and goods. In the related activities of distribution services, Sino-Russian enterprises reached an agreement on co-building cross-border electricity business platform, this will effectively promote the development of Sino-Russian trade in goods; Brazil Asia Business Culture Exchange Center and Jiangsu Digital Eagle Technology Development Co., Ltd. reached a cooperation agreement on co-financing to set up unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) factory in Brazil, leading the internationalization of Chinese UAV.

(3) Gave birth to new standards of the industry development. There are 17 industry index reports and industry standards including the index reports of mass entrepreneurship and innovation, the standards of exhibition industry and China's cities intelligence and learning environment index were released on 11 sectors such as mass entrepreneurship and innovation service, exhibition service and smart cities, which win the initiative for the internationalization and standardization of China's service industry.

3. New normal of the development of the service industry

(1) Shared a new service model. In the Service Entrepreneurship Innovation Industry Forum, we have shared the model of replacing the micro shares with the service, and established the efficient resource docking platform for the entrepreneurs who have the funds, the technology or the management demand. China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation shared a new business model of civilianization in the fields such as industrial internet, the aerospace network, the space technology.

(2) Showed new service technologies. The special plate of Smart City attracted 83 well-known enterprises from Germany, the United States, Russia and other countries and regions, brought the new intelligent technology and new services for the city; Tsinghua H+Lab demonstrated 6 incubation projects such as cognitive ability training and EEG(electroencephalogram) analysis system, so that the latest research in the field of psychology can be acknowledged.

(3) Spread new ideas and new trends. There are eight industry conferences including the 2016 China (Beijing) E-commerce Conference, Financial Street Forum and others spread the new concept of service trade development and new ideas. Carrefour, Amazon, JD.Group and other well-known enterprises shared the new trends of development in the cross-border electricity, rural electricity, community electricity and other hot areas.

4. Actively explore new ways of cross-border integration

(1) To promote the integration between different industries. China Post Express Logistics Co., Ltd. signed cooperation agreements with China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Co., Ltd, SF Group and Huawei Group, Millet Technology, China Express and Sichuan Changhong Group respectively, achieved direct manufacturing workshop for parts, and promoted the deep cooperation between service enterprises and manufacturing enterprises.

(2) To promote the interaction between the thematic plates. Translators Association of China signed cooperation agreements with the Capital Intellectual Property Services Association and Beijing Service Outsourcing Association,  jointly provide professional services in the language services, property services, information services, etc. for the enterprise to open up the international market.

(3) To promote the cooperation among different regions. Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine Administration signed cooperation agreements with related organizations of Spain, Egypt, Germany, Cyprus and other countries respectively to promote the international development of Chinese medicine. Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Design Industry Alliance attracted more enterprises to join in and jointly promote their collaborative innovation in design industry. Zhejiang focused on the promotion of cultural, tourism and other advantages of service areas, and reached a number of cooperation as the capital of the first guest province of the CIFTIS, Cannes TV Festival settled in Hangzhou successfully.