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Beijing International Trade in Services Center

Institutional setup


Executive Office

Tel: 86-10-58260940/58260998

Fax: 86-10-58260962


Department of Planning and Coordination

Tel: 86-10-58260985/58260983


Department of Publicity and Promotion

Tel: 86-10-58260943/58260967


Department of Exhibition Affairs

Tel: 861058260982/58260958


WTO Affairs Center

Tel: 86-10-58260978-866


TP Beijing Center

Tel: 86-10-58260955/58260956


Department of International Economic and Trade Research 

Tel: 86-10-58260959


Department of Finance

Tel: 86-10-58260981


Department of Human Recourses

Tel: 86-10-58260960


Institute switchboard 


Please contact the organizer listed below if you are willing to attend the exhibition of the 4th CIFTIS. The organizing committee for the CIFTIS will continuously update the information form for more exhibitions.
Section Organizer Contact Person Phone Number Website
Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation Services China Association for Science and Technology Zhang Hongyan 010-88192048
Administrative Committee of Zhongguancun Science Park Feng Tao 010-88827066
Technological Innovation Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Commission Liang Tingzheng 010-64841457-835
 Smart City Koelnmesse Co., Ltd. (China) Bai Yuyan 010-65907878
Aerospace Services China Aerospace Science & Industry Corp. Zhang Yue 010-68748693
E-Commerce Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce Huang Shanbing, Gu Meng 010-87211503
Digital Content Services Zhongguancun Digital Content Industry Association Du Lele 4007065618
Cultural Trade China Society for World Trade Organization Studies Li Peng 010-65980531
Cultural Innovation State-owned Cultural Assets Supervision and Administration Office of the People’s Government of Beijing Municipality Xing Di 010-62060513
Copyright Trade German Booksellers and Publishers Association Convention and Exhibition Co.,Ltd. Wang Xin 010-85276025
Performing Services China Alliance of Private Performing Hao Xin 010-82121816
Intangible Cultural Heritage China Cultural Heritage Protection Center Song Lixin 010-62869870
Educational Services China Association for Student Employment Li Ruilun 010-87316341-8021
Sporting Services Beijing Municipal Bureau of Sports Xiao Jingli 010-85072206-516
Financial Services Beijing Municipal Bureau of Financial Work Wu Wenxiang 010-66159507
Courier Services China Express Association Xia Jianhua 010-69943890
Distribution Services World Trade Point Federation Zhang Zhiwen 010-87153582
Convention and Exhibition Services China Convention and Exhibition Society Jiang Yan 010-64251231
Language Services Translators Association of China Zhang Qian 010-56290515
Design Services Dragon Design Foundation Han Fengbin 010-83681553
Tourism Services Beijing Municipal Commission of Tourism Development Ren Jibin 010-85157115
IPR Services Beijing Intellectual Property Office Huang Li 010-51530062
Health and Medical Services Chinese Medical Doctor Association Niu Qiulin 010-51901774
Traditional Chinese Medicine  Services China International Exchange Center of TCM,Satcm Liu Yang 010-64175818
Beijing Municipal Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine Gao Liang 010-83970037
Construction Services China Association for International Economic Cooperation Wang Weiwei, Zhu Zhengwan 010-64516981
Service Outsourcing Beijing Association of Sourcing Service Zhong Liqing, Xu Yujue 010-88496573
 Updated on Mar 18