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Beijing CBD Forges Intelligent Business District--The regional HQ of transnational enterprises in Chaoyang takes up 60% of which in Beijing

Acquiring by the reporter from the 2nd CIFTIS, Beijing CBD was indentified by Beijing the “Beijing Accumulative District of Headquarters Economy” and “Beijing Accumulative District of Business Services”. Featured by headquarters economy, leaded by international financial industry, guided by modern services industry, accumulated by cultural media, such industry pattern had been formed.

In Beijing CBD, there are 77 headquarters of leading transnational enterprises, such as Shell, Toyota, Samsung, Alcoa, which takes up two thirds of Beijing and 90% of Chaoyang District. Beijing CBD is one of the most concentrated areas of regional headquarters of Fortune 500 and transnational enterprises. Nearly 140 of Fortune 500 enterprises accumulate in the CBD central zone, which is 70% of Beijing. The total taxes paid by 339 branches of Fortune 500 enterprises reached 9 billion, which takes up one third of the CBD Taxes.

According to the introduction of the principal of Beijing CBD Management Committee, Beijing CBD attracts over 1000 financial institutions, during which there are 252 foreign financial institutions and nearly 10 international exchange institutions; over 2000 cultural media enterprises, including 169 international media institutions, such as Wall Street Journal, CNN, BBC, etc. Meanwhile, Beijing CBD attracts numerous business services enterprises in fields of consulting services agencies, accounting firms, law firms, investment assets managing firms, professional intermediary companies.