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2013 China(Beijing) E-Commerce Conference holds in Beijing

As an important sector of the 2nd CIFTIS, the 2013 China(Beijing) E-Commerce Conference, with the theme of “Co-opetition & Integration& Fusion”, was held in China National Convention Center, May 28.

During the conference, Mr. Jiang Yaoping, vice minister of commerce, and Mr. Liang Wei, deputy director-general of Beijing Municipal Standing Committee of the NPC, delivered speeches. Mr. Long Guoqiang, party member and director of general office of the Development Research Center of the State Council, delivered a keynote speech with the theme of “Development of the transformation of China’s Economy & E-Commerce”. The <China E-Commerce Report 2012> was issued by the ministry of commerce of China, which contains detailed analysis and forecast of the development of E-Commerce in China. According to the report, E-Commerce of China has been continuous growing rapidly in 2012, total volume of transaction reached 8,100 billion, up by 31.7% comparing to the same period of last year, and the growing speed was 4.1 times the GDP growing speed in 2012.

The conference attracted over 2,000 people, including representatives from academic, government, e-commerce enterprises, service provider and association. The conference was evaluated as the “World Cup” of China E-Commerce.