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Digital Industry Negotiation Meeting will be Held at the End of May


As one of the sections of the second CIFTIS, the negotiation meeting of digital content industry will be held on May 30. During the session, more than 20 enterprises specialized in digital contents, including Google, China Unicom and Taobao, will attend the meeting. According to Zhong Guan Cun Digital Content Industry Association, the organizer of the negotiation meeting, that during the first CIFTIS, the enterprises on exhibition are mainly on animations and comics, while the second CIFTIS has for the first time attracted enterprises covering the whole digital industry, including digital publishing, digital audio and video, digital animations and games, digital design, etc. Zhong Guan Cun Digital Content Industry Association indicated that business institutions and enterprises from Singapore, Thailand, UK, Republic of Korea and Malaysia had intended to participate in the negotiation meeting. Moreover, more than 20 enterprises will participate in the meeting, including Google, China Unicom, SNDA Games, Gehua CATV network,, Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press, Taobao E-book, and After the negotiation meeting of the first CIFTIS, which lasted 3 days, the total volume of business transactions reached 420 million RMB, while the intended volume of business transactions reached 4 billion RMB.