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Contracting Highlights

Shanghai Financial Valley Inks Pact with Brazil to Go Global through Beijing Fair

On May 31, Shanghai Financial Valley and Brazil National Service Federation  (transliteration) officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement at the Third China Beijing International Fair for Trade in Services. In light of the agreement, both sides will strengthen the commercial cooperation as well as exchange resources and interact with each other in such sectors as finance, service trade, and high technology, etc., in order to take advantage of each other and set up the bridge for the opposite’s entry into local market.

Collaborate with Brazil financial industry

Shanghai Financial Valley had contact with Brazil National Service Federation at the Second China Beijing International Fair for Trade in Services. After experiencing nearly one year of repeated discussions and negotiations, both sides eventually decided to sign the formal agreement at the Third China Beijing International Fair for Trade in Services (Beijing Fair).

Luigi Ness , chairman of Brazil Service Alliance, said that Brazilian government attached much importance to this cooperative project between Shanghai Financial Valley and Brazil. Previously, Brazil Service Federation, as the representative of the Brazil service industry, was mainly engaged in bringing China tourism and sports resources etc. At this Beijing Fair, it will fix eyes on financial sector for its cooperation with Shanghai Financial Valley, with a view to bringing Brazil’s world advanced E-banking technology and services into China, and promoting the technology’s development in Chinese market.

In recent years, Shanghai financial industry witnessed booming development, and construction of international financial center and free trade zone was boosted at a fast rate, which brought hard-won historical opportunities for development of the finance and service outsourcing industries, and created countless business opportunities for various types of financial institutions and relevant service outsourcing enterprises. This time, the cooperative agreement between Shanghai Financial Valley and Brazil covers such sectors as service trading, finance, and high technology, etc., in order to meet Brazilian market’s demands and make Brazil’s high-tech business successfully settle in Shanghai, where there are favorable environment for business incubation, expansion, and marketing, according to Xia Zemin, deputy general manager of Shanghai Financial Valley.

It is worth saying that Brazil National Service Federation, an official organ of Brazilian government, is mostly responsible for promoting Brazil service industry’s development and providing local service trading enterprises with supports of various kinds. In addition, the federation has nearly 400,000 member enterprises, with total output value making up about 70% of Brazil’s GDP.

Join hands with free trade zone for exhibition

At the Third China Beijing International Fair for Trade in Services that took place in Beijing from May 28 to June 1, Shanghai Financial Valley and Shanghai Free Trade Zone, on behalf of Shanghai Municipality, took part in the exhibition and jointly set up the booth while focusing on the theme “Speeding up construction of Shanghai Free Trade Zone, building financial service innovation base”.

Insiders said that Shanghai Financial Valley’s participation in the Beijing Fair with Shanghai Free Trade Zone is of much significance, because both sides can fully showcase the great charm of Shanghai, an international financial center.

As a comprehensive modernized science park that integrates a variety of functions like regional financial outlets, financial outsourcing industry, financial products trading center, financial information technology R&D and investment & financing platform, and PE incubation, etc., Shanghai Financial Valley plans to develop into a whole industry chain complex base themed on finance, science, technology, and service. By combining the finance with industries, Shanghai Financial Valley will strongly assist Shanghai in exerting its strengths in talents, industry agglomeration, and technical innovation capacity, etc., in order to promote the docking amongst industrial capital, financial capital, and technological capital. That will not only benefit construction of Shanghai International Financial Center, but also serve and strengthen the real economy.

Shanghai Financial Valley themed on finance and technological innovation echoes with Shanghai Free Trade Zone and the two financial reform test fields are respectively located in the east and the west of Shanghai. Particularly, set off by Huangpu River, the splendid center line of Shanghai, Shanghai Financial Valley and Shanghai Free Trade Zone, resembling two wheels of the vehicle and two wings of the bird, are becoming the driving force for Shanghai’s social and economic development.