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Contracting Highlights

StoryDrive Asia Culture for The World

No matter how diverse the new media environment in which the publishing industry dwells is, a good story is always the core strength of its development. At the 3rd China Beijing International Fair for Trade in Services, the Frankfurt Book Fair has two keywords - Story and Asia. Asia is becoming a region in which good stories continuously emerge and erupt, Beijing also attracts global attention for becoming a large pan-Asian publishing and exchange platform.

All from the story


At the StoryDrive conference, Triona Campbell’s story has perfectly illustrated the power of stories. The "Beat Girl", "Particle Collider" and "Ultimate Punishment" initiated by Triona Campbell, who is a producer of beAcdive, have all gained Emmy nomination. In aspect of publicity and promotion, she not only made content publicity through books, novels, comic books, but also promoted the popularity of these films with the use of games, mobile applications, blogs, social media product network series, television series, feature films, etc. However, in her eyes, everything that seems dazzling is unfolded from a story. "There must be a story, there must be a strong reason to tell us why should tell such a story, and made by cross-media." Triona Campbell said, especially for the producer like her, first, she should believe such a story is worth talking, not only because it is a good business story, but also it has its own characteristics, so that you are willing to talk about it, you shall have powerful reasons for it. The story is the core of it all.


From the view of Juergen Booz, the President of Frankfurt Book Fair, the most important product of the fair is story. "Take a simple example, there are many intermediaries appeared at the Frankfurt Book Fair every year, they look around for the best stories in the fair, then sold to movie, television, game companies, and ultimately become a good cultural products. In fact, the Frankfurt Book Fair has set up a special copyright trading center, where the copyright trading volume increased with 10% annual growth rate, and there are usually more than 100 intermediaries in copyright trading center looking for good stories, thus it can be seen that how important the good stories are."


Story will drive the world


Juergen Booz said that this is the third StoryDrive Conference held in Beijing, this year, it becomes a StoryDrive Asia, because Asia is the region with active economic and cultural activities, Asia's stories occupy a very important position in the world. "Asia has become increasingly important, and reflects the strong confidence, especially in the promotion of their own culture to the world stage, I think it is also a thing that mostly expected by publishers."


Tan Yue, the president of China Publishing Group, also believes that the ultimate goal of StoryDrive is to realize cross-cultural integration and cross-media operation, making different types of cultural products widely circulated in the process of "going out" and "bringing in", symbiotic harmony is the common aspiration of all people. "Last year, we co-organized with the Frankfurt Book Fair to hold the StoryDrive China Conference, and this year, we held the StoryDrive Asia Conference, the next two years, we will hold the StoryDrive Europe, the United States and even world conference, the purpose of the Conference is to facilitate colleagues exchange about the latest, distinctive cultural ideas, explore the various most forefront business models by building a free, high-end platform."