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Contracting Highlights

“Wudang Cultural Trade” Scores a Great Success at CIFTIS

"Wudang Cultural Trade" scored a great success at the Third China Beijing International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS) and the project cooperation signing amount reached 2.7 billion yuan.

Presentation of Hubei Shiyan specialty “Wudang Treasures” in the exhibition area of CIFTIS

At the event of Hubei Wudang Culture Theme Day held on May 31, Zhang Huili, the deputy mayor of the People's Government of Shiyan Municipality in Hubei Province highlighted Shiyan’s specialty "Wudang Treasures" brand; Li Faping, deputy mayor of Shiyan, secretary of working committee and director of management committee of Wudang Mountains Tourism Economic Zone focused on promoting Wudang culture and hoped to further strengthen the cooperation with Beijing.

“Taiji Wudang” artistic performance on Hubei Wudang Culture Theme Day

According to Zhang Huili, Shiyan will begin to distribute “Wudang Treasures” all over the country from Beijing and further shape the brand "Wudang Treasures” so as to make brand-name and high-quality agricultural specialties enter the province, Beijing and supermarkets and then deploy points of sale for them all over the country. The first store of "Wudang Treasures" in Beijing has settled in International Exposition Center store of Beijing Shishang Tianhong Department Store Co., Ltd. and officially opened a business.

Signing ceremony of Hubei Theme Day at the third CIFTIS

Wang Weiping, member of Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce congratulated on the opening of the first store of "Wudang Treasures" in Beijing. Wang Weiping said "Wudang Treasures" selected Shiyan’s brand-name and high-quality specialties and especially showed the natural green high-quality agricultural products and food in Qinba area and Beijing people would know and love Shiyan’s brand-name and high-quality specialties more.

Ke Zunyong, director of Shiyan Municipal Bureau of Commerce explained that Shiyan was not only the core water supply area of Middle Route Project of South to North Water Diversion but also rich in "Wudang Treasures" as the brand-name and high-quality specialty in Qinba area. Taking advantage of CIFTIS and the counterpart cooperation in South to North Water Diversion, they took high-quality, good-looking and delicious green treasures to Beijing and Beijing people’s tables, which marked Shiyan "Wudang Treasures" officially settled down in Beijing.

The Deputy Director of the Ministry of Commerce Li Yuan said, in recent years, Wudang cultural trade resources in Shiyan is greatly excavated and cultural trade has developed rapidly. He hopes Shiyan and Hubei will focus on deepening the comprehensive reform of commercial work to develop Wudang cultural trade, and strive to make Shiyan a new bright spot of cultural trade in Hubei and even the whole country as soon as possible.

According to introduction, seven project cooperation signing ceremonies were held during the CIFTIS, with a total cooperation amount of 2.7 billion yuan. The projects are large-scale Taiji Lake performance project between Hubei Wudang Mountains Wulong Investment (Holdings) Co., Ltd. and Beijing Scenery Cultural Industry Co., Ltd., e-commerce project between Shiyan E-Commerce Industry Office and Beijing Huicong Interconnection Information Technology Co., Ltd., Taihe Building between Wudang Mountains Management Committee and Fu Shuhai from Jialong Investment Co., Ltd., cartoon industrial park between Bureau of Commerce of Maojian District of Shiyan City and Beijing C7Game Technology Co., Ltd., Hebei Baoding Yingli photovoltaic power station project between Bureau of Commerce of Yunxi County and Hebei Yingli Green Energy Co., Ltd., housekeeping personnel training and export between Shiyan Kuoda Housekeeping Service Co., Ltd. and Beijing Ainong Housekeeping Service Company as well as middle-end and high-end housekeeping service personnel training and export between Shiyan Xianneizhu Housekeeping Service Co., Ltd. and of Beijing Jialehui Housekeeping Co., Ltd..