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Guo Xiaoyong

Guo Xiaoyong

The first vice President of Translators Association of China

With the fast development of Informatization and globalization, translation is endowed with new connotation and extension. Nowadays language service goes far beyond simple conception of interpretation and translation. It is increasingly expanding to a Language asset management system including translation service, local service, language technology and tool development. New service Industry covering new consultation service of globalization and localization with relevant education and training service has taken initial shape if its own industrial chain.

Language service itself not only provides tremendous value, but induce effect of radiation on all service industries, making it the important economic power of trade globalization.

Introduction of language service into CIFTIS offers an important and convenient service platform to institutions and enterprise with the internationalization needs, it is the trade matching measure which can promote butt joint of supply and requisitioning parties. Meanwhile, establishment of language service forum increases the international standards of CIFTIS.