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More International and Integrated, the 4th CIFTIS Attracts More Media Concerns

The 4th China (Beijing) International Fair for Trade in Services (hereinafter referred to as CIFTIS) which was co-sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce and the People’s Government of Beijing Municipality, was successfully concluded on June 1, 2016. This CIFTIS highlighted the new concept of openness, innovation and integration, focused on six key areas of science and technology, internet and information, culture and education, finance, commerce and tourism and health and medical care, organized 122 forums, conferences and negotiation and trading activities, displayed the exhibition for a total area of 50,000 square meters and attracted 171,000 merchants and participants from 126 countries and regions for exhibitions and conferences.  Wang Yang, Vice Premier of the State Council personally came to the CIFTIS to visit the exhibition, listen to report and provide guidance to the work. Guo Jinlong, Party Secretary of Beijing Municipality attended the global forum on trade in services and delivered a key-note speech. This CIFTIS focused on showing the new achievements in the development of trade in services in China and other countries and regions. The participants of the conferences undertook deep discussions on the frontier and hot topics of the development of the trade in services, which has forcefully promoted the multi-level exchange and cooperation for governments, international organizations, business associations and enterprises. Based on the previous three sessions, this CIFTIS has achieved greater development and highlighted “three more”.

1.Higher degree of internationalization

First, the number of overseas participating enterprises and merchants was increased. There were merchants and participants for exhibitions and conferences from 126 countries and regions, increased nine countries and regions compared to that of the 3rd CIFTIS. There were 375 overseas participating enterprises  and 1551 participating merchants, increased 12% and 16% respectively compared to that of the 3rd CIFITS.

Second, the number of delegations for exhibitions and conferences organized in the name of countries increased greatly. 34 countries and regions such as UK, France and Singapore organized delegations for the exhibitions and conferences, increased 17 compared to that in the 3rd CIFTIS. Among them, 14 countries and regions such as Czech Republic and Netherland were the first time to participate in the Fair.

Third, the international organizations and international business associations were more active in participating in the Fair. The World Trade Organization, together with the Organizing Committee of the CIFTIS, held the theme forum of the 4th CIFTIS---Global Summit on Trade in Services. 60 business associations from overseas countries and regions organized delegations to participate in the exhibitions and conferences  such as European E-Commerce Association, the Trade in Services Alliance of the United States and Industrial Association for Software and Service Enterprises of India, and the number was three times of that of the 3rd CIFTIS.

Fourth, the international cooperation agencies and the guest country were set up for the first time. The World Intellectual Property Rights Organization, World Trade Center, World Trade Network Alliance and the World Trade Center Association have become the international cooperation agencies of the CIFTIS. These organizations actually undertook the organization work of the forums. UK as the first guest of honor country of the CIFTIS participated in the exhibitions and conferences.

2.The degree of integration and the degree of vitality were stronger

First, the integration of development was more prominent. The high quality resources of exhibition were integrated. The Beijing mayor international entrepreneur advisory conference, the Beijing international tourism exhibition and Beijing international finance exhibition were successively integrated into the CIFTIS. The organizing mode was innovated. The Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Beijing Municipality, together with Beijing Municipal Administration of Chinese Traditional Medicine organized the “conference on the development of Chinese traditional medicine” and more than 200 overseas Chinese from 69 countries and regions participated in the exchange and business talks, which promoted the Chinese traditional medicine to “go abroad”. The cross-sector cooperation of the thematic sectors was strengthened, thus promoting the areas such as internet and culture to accelerate the development of integration with relevant industries. The interaction experience was increased. The interactive projects such as the ice and snow sports experiences and brainwave car racing were added into the exhibition activities and nearly 8,000 citizens were attracted on the public open day to come to visit and experience the service trade around them.

Second, the negotiation and trading were more active. More than 600 project information were released before the open of the CIFTIS by the participating enterprises through the platforms such as the official website of the CIFTIS and APP of mobile phone and more than 350 projects were released on site during the Fair to actively seek trading of the project cooperation. 17 thematic activities were organized by the countries and regions such as France and Australia and more than 30 ambassadors and commercial counselors of the foreign embassies in China participated in the project promotion and negotiation. All provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities in the country participated in the exhibition and conferences, among which 14 provincial, autonomous regional and municipal delegations were led by the leaders at the provincial level, and 10 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities such as Guizhou and Shanghai organized special promotion activities. According to the preliminary statistics provided by the Organizing Committee, a total of 331 project intention were signed with an amount of 101.08 billion US Dollars, 40.3% and 23.5% increased respectively compared to that of the 3rd CIFTIS.  Among them, 121 projects were intentionally signed for international cooperation with an amount of 19.88 billion US Dollars, accounting for 36.6% and 19.7% of the total projects intentionally signed and the total amount of the intentionally signed projects respectively.

3.Media attention was higher

Extensive attentions and praises were given by media at home and abroad to this CIFTIS. A total of 267 domestic and foreign media reported the CIFTIS and formed 815 pieces of original news reports and a cumulative amount of 5000 reprinted reports. There were a cumulative amount of more than 300,000 micro-blog topics and the Facebook and Twitter accounts of the CIFITS were visited nearly four million times. Reuters on the financial channel of its official website said” the 4th CIFTIS focuses on the field of trade in services and the scale of the exhibition is the largest in the world”. The Washington Post launched a special edition in its China Observation “Beijing opens door to welcome global cooperation partners of trade in services. The TV station 1 of Netherland reported that “the CIFTIS is the global grand gathering for trade in services and 20 enterprises from Netherland participated in this exhibition to match the service projects in areas of finance, design, tourism and agriculture in order to seek opportunities in the Chinese market. Ta Kung Pao appraised that “this CIFTIS is the excellent platform for global trade in services and the innovation of this CIFTIS in areas such as the organization of services and promotion of cooperation enables people to see that the CIFTIS strides forward with bright prospects. The Xinhua News Agency put forward 192 all kinds of reports about the 4th CIFTIS, which equivalent to the sum reports of the previous three sessions of the CIFTIS.