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Organizing Committee Office of CIFTIS Firmly Seizes the Opportunities of G20 Summit to Show its Image and Build a Brand

With the holding of the world’s significant international economic cooperation forum – G20 Summit, the world began paying attention to China again. On September 3 when the B20 Business Summit was held, and on September 6 when the achievements of G20 were reported, the Organizing Committee Office of CIFTIS firmly seized the publicity opportunity, released a semi-page special report titled Trade Fair Set to Facilitate Growth In Service Sector, gave a general introduction of the holding background, the state-level leading fair position of trade in services and the main achievements obtained since the four sessions, and invited the global leading enterprises of trade in services and international business associations to jointly conduct display, negotiations and transactions on the CIFTIS platform.

During the G20 Summit, 3,000 copies of the exhibition catalogue were placed at the site, including the hotels and rooms where the guests checked in, as well as all the flights entering or leaving Hangzhou, etc. In addition, 300,000 copies of the catalogue were published together with the China Daily, arousing wide attention of leaders and guests present. The special edition about CIFTIS of the G20 Summit laid a good foundation for seizing significant opportunities to publicize CIFTIS on the important stage of international economic and trade exchanges, to show the brand image of CIFTIS and to serve the future investment and exhibition promotion work.