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Industry-University-Research Personnel Carry out a Hot Discussion on “the Belt and Road” at CIFTIS

To respond to “the Belt and Road” strategic initiative and explore the significant opportunities and propelling effect brought by “the Belt and Road” in the aspect of the development of trade in services of China and countries along the road, nearly 300 guests from the fields of industries, politics, universities and research offered advice and suggestions at the fourth CIFTIS for the development of the “Belt and Road” trade in services.


Chen Huan, Director of President’s Office of Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), holds that the infrastructure construction shall be strengthened to promote the economic growth of countries along “the Belt and Road”. He said, “At present, the business policies and personnel recruitment of the newly-founded AIIB is underway in an orderly manner. The future strategies of AIIB are under deliberation and discussion.” “AIIB isn’t an international organization specially designed for ‘the Belt and Road’. Its coverage is larger than that of ‘the Belt and Road’. However, if there is a good project concerning ‘the Belt and Road’, we’ll undoubtedly take an active part.”


In the view of Bruno, President of the Word Trade Point Federation, CIFTIS brings wonderful opportunities to the federation. Many SMEs think the federation provides support for them. “If they can attend CIFTIS, they may communicate and exchange views with the enterprises from a lot of different countries on a good platform. In this way, they may seek more opportunities.”  

What role can China play in “the Belt and Road” policy of China? “The map of ‘the Belt and Road’ is connected with lots of points. It is just similar to the Word Trade Point Federation. The federation is actually a network connected with many points. It enables SMEs to propel businesses and make a contribution to the local communities”, said Bruno. Therefore, he holds that the federation can also make a contribution to “the Belt and Road” strategy, and hopes that the federation can establish points in the countries along “the Belt and Road”.


Yu Miaojie, Vice Dean of the National School of Development, Peking University, said, “China is the biggest country in the aspect of trade in goods in the world. Compared to the trade in goods, China’s trade in services still has some shortcomings. For example, China’s trade in services accounts for a relatively low proportion. With the intensified international competition, the two traditional advantageous fields of tourism and transportation gradually decline.” He added, “On the basis of the trade in goods, China shall enhance the trade in services. More importantly, China shall carry out international cooperation, including cooperating with the countries along ‘the Belt and Road’, further implementing the cooperation in the field of ASEAN 10+1 trade in services, etc.”