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The Online and Offline Health Management Services of Ji Jiankang (JJK) Promote the Innovation of “Medical + Internet” Model

The 4th CIFTIS promoted for the first time the selection activity for service demonstration cases. Through the third party agency, ten service demonstration cases of model innovation were finally selected with the primary selection, expert evaluation and scoring and public network voting. Among them, the JJK online and offline health management service case of Beijing Ciji Network Technology Co. Ltd was selected as the representative for model innovation of “medical + internet”.

JJK is a mobile health care brand jointly created by the Ciming Group, the pathfinder of Ciming model for physical examination in China and the Health-100 Group which is the largest in scale in physical examination industry. This brand is a digital accurate health management service platform which integrates the intelligent health monitoring, future health risk assessment, early-stage tumor warning, follow-up diagnosis and treatment for chronic diseases and health behavioral intervention, etc. as one. Relying on the health data collection and the data-based accurate health management for users, JJK commits itself to building the largest entrance for the life detection and accurate health management in China. With the model of “medical + internet”, JJK is striving to reduce the morbidity of chronic diseases nationwide by 50% and greatly promote the process of networking for the large-scale health industry in China.

According to Kang Guixia, the Co-founder and the Chief Scientist of JJK, the core of the JJK product is composed of four parts, i.e. recording health, detecting health, managing health and caring health.

The most basic health service of JJK is the electronic report of the physical examination. By electronic, users can share their reports with their families and doctors at anytime and anywhere.  Whether to download JJK APP, or to pay attention to the WeChat public number, so long as the customer of the Ciming Group, the user only needs to input the personal information such as the ID number and mobile phone number, the information about the previous reports will automatically appear on the mobile phone. At present, the JJK has achieved that all physical examination reports are electronic except for image data.

The detecting health has a special name---Xiaochajiadao. The original intention for launching the Xiaochajiadao is for cancer risk assessment.

This product of cancer risk assessment can use the tumor screening technology to predict the risk of cancer 1-3 years in advance. The screening accurate rate for early-stage cancer reached 95.4% and can detect more than 40 kinds of cancers which are often clinically seen such as liver cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer and stomach cancer.

The managing health is the health management aimed at reducing the morbidity rate of chronic diseases by 50% and enabling more people to live over the age of 100 years old.  The caring health is, based on the recording health, detecting health and managing health, to help customers link to offline vertical high-quality medical resources according to their deeper medical service needs. These medical resources include more than 200 offline chain institutions represented by the Ciming Group and Health-100 Group and some well-known AAA-grade hospitals, specialized hospitals and doctor groups, etc., so as to provide accurate medical services and ultimately to create the whole chain of medical service system from outside hospitals to inside hospitals.