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Gao Hucheng

Minister of Commerce 

The present world economy is recovering circuitously under deep adjustment, the position of service industry in the global economy is rising constantly and its adhesive role is prominent. According to related researches, 80% of the total economic volume and 48% of added value of manufacturing exports of OECD countries have come from the service industry.  The trade in services has promoted  products and services of all countries to better integrate into the global value chain and become the main field of getting added value and the booster of economic growth.

During the 12th Five-Year Plan period, average annual growth rate of China’s trade in services reached 14.5%, two times the average rate of growth of the world. The total amount of import and export of service trade in 2015 reached 713 billion US dollars, a year-on-year increase of 14.6%, ranking the second in the world’s total import and export of service trade. The development of China’s trade in services has played a role in greatly boosting the transformation and upgrading of China’s foreign trade, increasing the adjustment of economic structures and promoting the development of Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation. 

In recent years, the service industry in China has developed rapidly in an all-round way and the service demand continues to expand, which promotes the economic transformation and upgrading, reconstructing and upgrading the traditional industries, increasing significantly the demand for import of productive services, developing the resident consumption structure from material consumption to both service and material consumption and rapidly developing the demand of life services such as tourism, culture, entertainment and fitness. The service industry has become the great potential consumer market and the international cooperation stage.

In 2015, the expenditure of China’s outbound tourism and study abroad reached 238.6 billion US Dollars and the number of outbound travel and the tourism consumption for Chinese residents have been ranked the first in the world for three consecutive years. During the 13th five-year plan period, China’s trade in services will usher in a golden age of comprehensive development. The import and export amount of China’s services will exceed 1 trillion US Dollars by 2020, which will provide huge market and important cooperation opportunities for service enterprises of various countries.

The current development of global trade has entered into a sluggish growth period. The speed of growth of the goods trade has been below the speed of global economic growth for four consecutive years and all countries are committed to fostering new impetus for new economic growth point and trade development. At present, the information technology is widely applied in the field of trade in services, which constantly promotes the rapid development of the service trade and the industrial transformation. The trade in services has continuously extended to the part of processing and manufacturing. The constant emergence of new formats and new modes such as the cross-border E-commerce and supply chain management, and deep integration of trade in goods and trade in services have brought the global trade into a new era.

China will adhere to the development concept of “innovation, harmony, green, openness and common sharing” and accelerate the implementation of the innovation-driven development strategy. A new round of opening up to the outside focusing on the service industry will be promoted. The orderly opening up in the service fields such as finance, education, culture and medical care will be promoted. The access restriction for foreign capitals in the fields of service industries such as nursery and endowment, architectural design, accounting, auditing, commerce and logistics and E-commerce will be opened up. We will establish the globally high standard free trade area network, promote the liberalization and facilitation of trade in services, actively explore the management system, promotion mechanism, policy environment and supervision modes which are suitable to the development of the trade in services and focus on building legal, international, convenient and market-oriented business environment so as to create favorable conditions and fair competitive environment for deepen cooperation between China and countries in the world in the field of trade in services.