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Contracting Highlights

Intentional Contracts at the 4th CIFTIS Over 100 Billion USD


After five years of careful cultivation, CIFTIS has showed vigorous and strong vitality. This session of CIFTIS gives full play to the functions of gathering cooperative consensus, leading industry development, promoting industry amalgamation and facilitating pragmatic cooperation. It also provides a strong driving force for the transformation and upgrading of the trade mix and the supply-side structural reform.
    This session of CIFTIS holds an area of 50,000 square meters for exhibition and demonstration, 122 forums and business talks. Merchants from 126 countries and regions accumulate 171,000 person-times, 12% higher than the third session.
     According to the preliminary statistics of organizing committee, the 4th CIFTIS has signed 331 contracts, intentional contract volume amounts to 101.08 billion USD, respectively increasing 40% and 24% compared with the previous session. Among them, 121 are international contract projects, with intentional contract volume of 19.88 billion USD, accounting for 20% of the total amount; 155 are projects of brother provinces and cities, with intentional contract volume of 31.5 billion USD, accounting for 31% of the total amount. It is worth mentioning that courier service contract projects by four sessions of CIFTIS have made a “triple leapfrog”, from 5 billion Yuan at the first session to 50 billion Yuan at the 3rd session and even more than 100 billion Yuan at the 4th session. These achievements have driven a new leaping development of courier service industry.
     Prior to the meeting, enterprises, via CIFTIS official website, mobile APPs and other platforms published more than 600 project demands. During the session, more than 350 service trade projects have been published and cooperative intentions have been reached through a variety of ways such as special negotiations, oriented match-making events and free business talks. Ms Henriette Reker, mayor of Cologne, has led delegation for four consecutive times to attend CIFTIS. She keeps on promoting the new technology of smart city and participates in the TCM healthcare program of Beijing TV Station, discussing the charm of traditional Chinese medicine. The Czech Republic, Lithuania and other 17 ambassadors to China, three minister counselors, 5 commercial counselors jointly took part in promotion and business talks. At the international exhibition site, 13 intentional cooperative agreements including Gremio football training cooperation project have been reached onsite; intentional cooperation volume has exceeded 11 million USD. Lithuanian Kaunas University of Science and Technology and Beijing Institute of Technology have achieved cooperative agreements on academic communication and exchange students. All domestic provinces, regions and cities sent delegations to attend the 4th CIFTIS, of which 14 delegations are at provincial or ministerial level, and launched a rich variety of exhibition and promotion activities, with more than 20 intentional projects having been signed onsite, intentional contracts volume amounting to more than 36 billion Yuan. Cooperative agreements on overseas colored lantern production have been signed between Zigong New Asia Colored Lantern Company and Britain Longley Group as well as Sichuan TianYu Culture Company and American Festival Celebration Company. The Department of Commerce of Fujian Province and Malaysia Electricity Association have reached a preliminary cooperative intention on cross-border e-commerce cooperation and e-commerce enterprise management operation. In the digital content field, 25 buyers such as Huawei, Google, CCTV Animation have published 30 service procurement demands, conducting 60 sessions of one-on-one business talks and 2 centralized business activities with 148 cooperative intentions reached. In the special field of cultural trade, American Seven Star International Holdings Group and Jinquan Airlines have reached cooperative intention of 20 billion Yuan on air travel service.