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Contracting Highlights

Tesla Regional Headquarter Settled in Beijing at the 4th CIFTIS

Mr. Ren Xiangyu at 4th CIFTIS, Vice President of Tesla Motor Corporation & president of Asia-Pacific Region of Tesla Motor Corporation


 The 4th CIFTIS achieved intentional projects of $101.08 billion, including Tesla regional headquarter settling in Beijing, China and Turkey jointly setting up electric business platform, UK importing 60 domestic outstanding films and TV plays, etc. A total of 331 projects grow 40% over the last session of CIFTIS.

 “The project of Tesla’s regional headquarters settling in Beijing” has attracted international new energy vehicle companies Tesla into Beijing. In the future, Tesla will cooperate with relevant government agencies to alleviate energy pressure, improve Beijing’s air quality, and contribute to promoting industrial upgrading.

Tesla top management expresses that they will consider more regional cooperation in the future, and launch extensive exchanges and cooperation with local governments, institutions and enterprises, while in the same time undertaking technological innovation and industrial layout optimization, striving to obtain more preferential policies and making Tesla electric cars enter more ordinary families.

 Tesla motors have been adopting global pricing. In the United States, Tesla is at the same price level with BMW 7-series and Mercedes S-class; after entering Chinese market, Tesla has obviously lowered its pricing. As early as 2006, Tesla CEO Elon Musk expressed the concept of the “three-step” strategy, namely: Step 1:launching the low-yield and expensive two-seat sports car Roadster in 2008; providing technical and productive support for model X and model S through the cash flow generated by Roadster; Step 2:the investment of the cash flow acquired from model S and model X; Step 3: the production of model3.It is estimated that the price of model3 will be $35,000 in the United States, and in consideration of the tariffs and exchange rate factors, the price in China will be about 300-400 thousand Yuan.