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Contracting Highlights

Courier Service at CIFTIS Signed a High Record of Hundreds of Billions


At 2016 China Express Industrial (International)Development Conference of the 4th CIFTIS, the guests of the conference have conducted keynote speech and interactive dialogue focusing on the theme of “assisting the new economy, cultivating new forces, serving new forms of business”. 26 cooperative projects were signed during the conference with the total value of the contracts exceeding 100 billion Yuan, which doubled the previous amount and refreshed the contract record of all previous CIFTIS express industrial plate.

As one of the eight major industry conferences, Express Industry Development Conference has been under the spotlight. The express industry is currently in high-speed development period. Mr.Liu Jun, the deputy director of the State Post Bureau, said in a speech that in 2015, the total volume of China express industry broke through 20 billion units, stably ranking the first place in the world. During the first four months of this year, the national express delivery business has reached 8.14 billion units; both volume and income have surpassed the whole year’s level in 2012.

2015 China express development index which was released at conference shows that last year, China express development index is 386.1, an increase of 36.7% year-on-year. The data indicates that China's express industry has been rapidly developing and has been in a very active booming space. It is predicted that the whole business volume of express industry business this year is expected to reach 27.5 billion units, an increase of 34% year on year; annual business income is expected to reach 353 billion Yuan, an increase of 28% year-on-year. 
      With the acceleration of express delivery enterprises “going aboard”, domestic express enterprises and overseas counterparts’ strategic cooperation and integration are also increasing, becoming the spotlight of this conference. For instance, YTO express Delivery Corporation has respectively signed memorandums of cooperation with India NDR Group and Israel International Parcel Union. To guide and encourage the express enterprise onto a green development road, Chinese Association of Express Delivery has signed a cooperative agreement with several printing and packaging enterprises. Both sides will work together to promote scientific and technological environmental protection material, and strengthen to recycle express delivery packaging materials and simplify packaging.