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Pre-2017 Fair Interview with Special Focus: Walking into Beijing Guozhi Patent Warning Consulting Co.,Ltd

On May 3, 2017, the Organizing Committee of 2017 Beijing International Fair for Trade in Services organized  Xinhua News Agency, International Business Daily, Beijing Business Today walking into the sector of intellectual property services, and conducted interview with the participants of the sector: Beijing Guozhi Patent Warning Consulting Co.,Ltd.

Yu Libiao, general manager of Beijing Guozhi Patent Warning Consulting Co.,Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Guozhi Warning) introduced the company's business scope, brand advantage, the story of attending 2017 Fair, the progress of preparing for 2017 Fair and so on. Guozhi Warning, during the fourth session of CIFTIS, held a total of two conference activities, attracting nearly 100 participants. They will continue to organize related activities during 2017 Fair. Yu hopes to enhance the domestic enterprises to understand intellectual property rights through the exhibition platform, also to help foreign enterprises understand China's  development prospects in intellectual property industry, assisting intellectual property service agencies to escort more business innovation. Reporters raised questions centering on the company's key projects, the highlights of their activities in the coming exhibition, and the industrial ecology of intellectual property, etc.                                                      
    Guozhi Warning is the first professional advisory organization to provide patent emergency and early warning services. They will organize the theme forum on intellectual property in this exhibition, inviting industrial authorities and business representatives to explore the operation mode of intellectual property rights, promoting a variety of products including the cultivation of high-value patent, the reports of patent innovation , and patent value assessment, etc.

The Scene of Interview