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Notice for Exhibitors

International Forum Agenda

                   2017 International Creative Economy (Beijing) Forum Agenda

I.Time: 9:00-12:00 a.m. on May 29, 2017
II.Venue:307AB,China National Convention Center(CNCC)
III.The creative economy to promote sustainable development
IV.Scale: 150 attendees

     The Openning Ceremony
9:00-9:05: Host to declare the opening of forum & introduce the guests
9:05-9:10: Speech by Mr.Bruno Masier,Chairman of World Trade Point Federation
9:10-9:15: Speech by Mr.Yan Ligang, Director of Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce

     Theme Forum
     Keynote Speech I: The Role of Creative Economy in Promoting the Development of Cities Along "Belt and   Road"
9:15-9:35:Carolina Quintana, Director of Creative Economy UNCTAD, will release The 2016 Creative  Economy Report and introduce the development situation of global creative economy
9:35-9:50: Renee Kouyman,International Expert of UNCTAD: Enhancing the City's Competitiveness via Innovation
9:50-10:05:Federica Iellici,Advisor of UNESCO Beijing: Cultural and Creative Industry are Becoming Important Development Strategy
10:05-10:20: Introduction of  headquarter construction situation of The Tea Road along "Belt and Road"
10:20-10:35:Mr. Ashraf Ali Marhart,Dubai Export Bureau of Dubai Municipal Government will introduce the development of their own creative economy

       Keynote Speech II:Creativity to Promote Industrial Transformation and Upgrading

10:35-10:50: Representative from Italian Embassy: Focus on Craftsman Spirit and Brand Road - Creative Design of Mass Consumption Products
10:50-11:05 Representative from Euro-Sino Enterprises Association:Swiss Town
11:05-11:15: Representative from Beijing Caikekou Department Store Co., Ltd:make good use of creativity & innovation to promote enterprise transformation and upgrading, make good use of Internet business platform to promote traditional cultural products, to enhance the level of consumption of living services
11:15-11:25:Ma Jia, vice-chairman of Yabaolu International Chamber of Commerce: To achieve  transformation and upgrading via cultural innovation
11:25-11:35:Zhang Zhimian,Sports Research of Beijing CLIAC Innovation and Research Institute:Sports Town (To be confirmed)

      Keynote Speech III:Promoting the Sustainable Development of Ethnic Regions by Cultural Innovation

      Host: Lan Jun, Secretary General of China Council for the Promotion of National Trade
Enterprises & Peoples to Attend: Deputy Governor of Jilin Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture;Tao Chenghai, county magistrate of XinBin Manchu Autonomous County,Fushun Liaoning;Fan Hua,deputy governor of Southeast Guizhou Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture or Southwest Guizhou Buyi and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Guizhou; Director of District Party Committee Office of Chengguan District Lhasa City of Tibet Autonomous Region;Wu Jie, chairman of the board of Jokhang Great Water; Vice-mayor of Zhangjiakou Municipal People's Government

      Main Contents (Draft)
National autonomous areas accounted for about 64% of the country's land where is rich in natural resources, with 75% of the country's grassland area, 44% of the forest area, 66% of the water resources, there are also rich reserve of mineral resources and new energy.At the same time, the traditional culture of ethnic areas is broad and profound, and the folk customs are rich and colorful, forming a unique "soft power".Especially driven by tourism industry, based on the development of the market, taking the folk culture, leisure, cultural tourism, national handicrafts, cultural and creative industries as the main content, gradually formed a special cultural industry gathering path, this roundtable will explore how to promote the sustainable development of Ethnic Regions by cultural and creative industry.

       The Contents for Exchanging
1.Relying on national cultural resources, cultivating national cultural brand, and developing characteristic cultural industries
2.Based on cultural benefiting people, changing the regional economic development model
3.Strengthening the protection and inheritance of culture in ethnic areas; planning and cultivating a number of national characteristic cultural industries gathering areas in ethnic region, promoting sustainable economic and cultural development in ethnic areas

      Closing Performance: National clothing show (Manchu, Mongolian, Miao, North Korea, etc.) poetry singing (fifty-six ethnic fifty-six flowers) paper cutting, embroidery and so on.

      The final agenda is subject to actual convening

       2017 International Geographical Indications (Original Place) Goods Brand

       Distribution Services Agenda

I.Time: 14:00-17:00 p.m. on May 30, 2017
II.Venue: 307AB ,Floor 3, China National Convention Center
III.Theme:International Geographical Indications (Original Place)Goods Brand Distribution Services
IV.Scale:100-120  attendees
V. Agenda:

       The opening ceremony
 14:05-14:15: Speech by Mr.Bruno Masier,chairman of World Trade Point Federation
Yan  Ligang, director of Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce
14:15-14:30:Carolina Quintana, Director of Creative Economy, UNCTAD will introduce the important role of geographical indications in promoting economic and trade development
14:30-14:45:Chen Hongbing, director of the China Office of World Intellectual Property Organization, introduces the registration, protection and cultivation of global geographical indications products.
14:45-15:00:Representative of Customs clearance Department of General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China will introduce the cultivation and promotion of the brand of ecological origin
15:00-15:15:Representative of the Trademark Office of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce will Introduce the Status, policies, trends, countermeasures and related cases of Chinese geographical indications brand in the registration, protection, cultivation and so on
Experience exchange and case analysis of geographical indications products from different countries in the aspect of brand cultivation, promotion and protection
15:15-15:30:representative of Beijing Xinfadi Agricultural Products Center Wholesale Market will Introduce the experience of geographical indication products in distribution and retail and issues the contract amount
15:30-15:45: Sikai Pei, chief representative of Italian Trade Promotion Agency will introduce the cultivation experience of Italian geographical indication product brand
15:45-16:00:Zhao Deqiang, deputy general manager of Beijing Harvest Wine Co., Ltd. will introduce the brand of harvest wine and its specialty
16:00-16:15:Simon Foster, executive vice president of the Euro-Sino Enterprises Association will promote the Swiss watch
16:15-16:30:Zhang Fuyang, executive vice president of China Council for the Promotion of National Trade will introduce geographical indications products in ethnic minority areas
16:30-16:45 :representative of Royal Thai Embassy,Beijing (Asian-International Trade and Investment Association) will introduce Thai geographical indications products
16:45-17:00:Luo Jianzhe, Project Leader of geographical indications industry of 100iec Technology Co., Ltd, will introduce the work and experience in the promotion of landmark products

        The final agenda is subject to actual convening