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Beijing Headquarters Economy International Forum Will be Held in May 31st

On the afternoon of May 15th, Beijing Association of Headquarters Enterprises held the media warming up meeting in Beijing for  "Beijing Headquarters Economy International Forum". Xu Bin, secretary General of Beijing Association of Headquarters Enterprises, expressed that, "On the basis of the 2016 Fourth CIFTIS,Headquarters Economy International Summit Forum, 2017 Beijing International Fair for Trade in Services " Beijing Headquarters Economy International Summit Forum" will be held again this year .


Xu Bin, Secretary General of Beijing Association of Headquarters Enterprises (left), deputy general manager of Beijing Capital Highway Development Group Co.,Ltd. (Yang Huasen)



Xu Bin told reporters of, "this forum will invite the United States, Britain, Japan and other overseas international economic organizations as guests, and respectively attend lectures, dialogue, signing and other activities .Through international forum, will strengthen connection and cooperation with overseas international economic organizations, to promote the Beijing based enterprises to go global and introduce foreign companies to China, also for innovation and transformation of headquarter enterprises. It will build bridges and give advice and suggestion on ' Belt and Road' construction and the Coordinated Development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei .


In addition, the forum also specially set up the dialogue session of "the internationalization development research of capital headquarters economy" , Beijing Association of Headquarters Enterprises, international economic organizations and multinational companies, state-owned enterprises will jointly participate in, and we can look forward to more new ideas, new thinking, and new consensus.


Xu Bin sincerely said, this year the association will focus on the five development concept and actively promote the related work, and guiding enterprises' headquarters to play an example role in the process of "serving national strategy, fulfilling social responsibility and assisting the capital economy.At the same time, the association will continue to perform the role of bridge and link between the government and its headquarters enterprises, and set up a platform for exchanges, cooperation, integration, innovation and mutual help for the headquarters enterprises.


It is known that, at present, the key honored speaker and contract projects of "headquarters economy plate"  in 2017 Beijing International Fair for Trade in Services have been basically determined, the relevant preparatory work is steadily advancing.