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Contracting Highlights

Fruitful Achievement Gained in 2017 Beijing International Fair for Trade in Services

2017 Beijing International Fair for  Trade in Services,taking the theme of openness, innovation, integration and development to promote the service industry and trade in services, came to an end  on June 1.The conference is actively docking the fruitful achievements of Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation and focused on six key areas such as science and technology services, Internet and information services, cultural and educational services etc, precisely selected more than 10 cultural topics such as cultural innovation, copyright transactions, intangible cultural heritage, etc, precisely selected technology trade, scientific and technological innovation, service outsourcing and other technical services topics, held 50,000 square meters exhibition, 85 forums and business talks activities, attracting from 96 countries and regions, 72,000 businessmen exhibitors to have attended. The fair has a fruitful and outstanding feature and has played a positive role in deepening international trade in services;promoting global trade in services liberalization; serving the "Belt and Road" initiative, the coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei; promoting the opening-up of the service industry and assisting the construction of  Beijing cultural center and international exchanges center, science and technology innovation center.


2017 Fair reached a total of 241 cooperation projects, the intention agreement of $ 71.28 billion, of which 55 are international contract projects, the contracted amount of 13.33 billion US dollars accounted for nearly 1/5 of the total contracted amount. Brothers provinces and municipalities has reached 99 intentional contract, the intention amount of 15.03 billion US dollars accounted for 1/5 of the total amount of agreement.


Actively promote the service trade development along the "Belt and Road". 33 countries along the "Belt and Road" attended and joined in the fair exhibition.23 countries such as Thailand, Switzerland, South Africa from Asia, Europe, Africa along the "Belt and Road" held the exhibitions and conferences, promoting their own national service advantageous areas, projects and investment environment, jointly enhanced the openness cooperation and development along the "Belt and Road". Zhang Gong, executive vice mayor of Beijing, said in his opening speech that the "Belt and Road" initiative, the implementation of the coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei strategy have provided a driving force for the development of services and trade services, the future Beijing will focus on the " Belt and Road "initiative to deepen the service industry cooperation. At the fair, the Sichuan thematic activities were promoted by focusing on the China (Sichuan) Pilot Free Trade Zone and the Chengdu International Railway Line Company and they invited the countries along the "Belt and Road" such as Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Nepal and also national representatives, enterprises and relevant business associations responsible person to carry out docking exchange activities; 2017 "Belt and Road" economic and trade cooperation conference, 2017 "Belt and Road" China Russia City Cooperation Forum and more than 10 conference activities explored the "Belt and Road" trade in services development opportunities; 16 countries in Central and Eastern Europe, and relevant cultural institutions participated in the 2nd China- Central and Eastern European Countries Cultural and Creative Industry Forum, and reached 11 cultural cooperation agreements on-site. Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank President Jin Liqun said at the main forum that the "Belt and Road" initiative brought the global service industry and trade in services new opportunities and promoted infrastructure interconnection, which will further promote the development of goods and services trade.


The level of internationalization has been further improved. Not only reflected in the number of international participation, but also the quality and effectiveness of international participation. WTO and other seven major international economic organizations and institutions continue to attend, 63 foreign institutions, nearly 30 embassies in China invited participants, 42 countries and regions to hold and exhibit in the fair; OECD Deputy Secretary-General Mari Kiviniemi, World Trade Organization Services Trade and Investment Division Director Hamid Mamdu, the United  Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) Special Representative Ms. Mina Mashayekhi, Director of Market Development of the International Trade Center, Ms. Aicha Pouye; and other relevant international organizations, international business associations and overseas countries joined in (Beijing) e-commerce conference, international creative economy (Beijing) forum, and so on,which is in-depth participation in the activities of the fair. Deputy Minister of Health of Pakistan, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Culture of Romania, attended the relevant special events; nearly 30 ambassadors from Lithuania, Bahamas and Tanzania respectively participated in the national theme promotion activities. Brazil has been with the fair for four consecutive sessions, and reached seven cooperation agreements in this fair with Shanghai, Inner Mongolia and other provinces and cities in the aspects of the cross-border e-commerce, large data and other emerging services. At Chinese medicine service area, Beijing and Barcelona reached Chinese medicine cooperation intention, will establish public hospital in Barcelona which will be the first TCM clinic in Europe, and the first Chinese prescription in Europe, giving the internationalization of TCM into a new vitality. 


Creative, digital, interactive became the highlights. It is the first time to introduce intellectual property rights online auction activities, a total of 35 international film and television culture broadcast rights and other intellectual property auction, 31 transactions, turnover of 330 million Yuan, and carried out intellectual property financing docking activities, contributed to the aircraft financial leasing projects settled in Beijing Tianzhu comprehensive protection zone to  reach preliminary cooperation intention. It is the first time to introduce China's e-sports venues League – the city finals activities, panoramic simulation to build professional-level e-sports hall, attracted nearly 100 teams from the country participating to help build national e-sport competition carnival; it is the first time to bring in latest numerical control technology application results and the achievements of science and technology innovation such as digital puppet, holographic imaging, light and shadow theater, etc. and provided the new experience of the interaction; taking the theme of memory • heritage, Beijing time-honored exhibition area brought together more than 20 old enterprises such as Tong Ren Tang, Rong Bao Zhai, Neiliansheng ,they demonstrated on-site Zongzi making, the old photo repair, Beijing embroidery demonstration and other traditional skills show which attracted the majority of customers stop to watch, displaying the charm and unique feature of traditional culture and  brand. In addition, the fair exhibitors use the two-dimensional code technology to promote and make trading, nearly half of the exhibitors set up interactive two-dimensional code or two-dimensional pay code, "shared charger", "shared bicycle "," shared car rental "and other shared services which relied on two-dimensional code technology  has become a new model and caught the public attention.

The influence of branding is further strengthened. E-commerce, courier services, sports services, TCM services and other special plates have become 2017 fair's branding activities, with attractiveness and influence on the rise. 2017 China (Beijing) e-commerce conference taking the theme of "new supply, new services, new energy" to have attracted domestic and foreign industry elite, e-commerce talents, promising entrepreneurship to explore the future development and new opportunities of e-commerce, more than one thousand merchants joined in, there were far more participants on site than expected. China Express Association held five consecutive express special events, 2017 fair organized SF Express, and 4 popular express companies "San Tong Yi Da" and other express industry "giant" and COFCO Fulinmen, Harbin Pharmaceutical Group and other upstream and downstream enterprises exhibitors, tried to get through upstream and downstream, expanded the industrial chain and built an ecological circle.2017 fair assisted China Express Association, China Packaging Association and YunDa Express to expand the European North American market and reached more than 10 cooperation projects, the contract amount exceeded 100 billion Yuan. 2017 Beijing International Sports Service Trade Development Conference invited the International Luge Federation, the United States Global Ice Group, JD Group, Beijing Sports University and the representatives from other domestic and international sports field research and investment institutions etc, they reached 25 cooperation projects with an amount of 7.5 billion dollars. 2017 Overseas Chinese TCM Forum attracts more than 40 overseas Chinese participants to accelerate overseas expansion of TCM.
In addition, the fair will continue to carry out service demonstration case selection activities, through expert review and online publicity etc, selected  five categories and 40 service demonstration cases respectively from IBM, Tencent, JD Group, Letv and other enterprises, these enterprises play important leading roles in the aspects of scientific and technological innovation, model innovation, cross-sector services and other aspect.


Launched a number of industry authoritative release. China Sports Venues Association released the first competition venue construction standards, TCM health dissertation released "basic terminology of TCM in English and Chinese contrast to international standards"; convention and exhibition services, e-commerce, business services, digital entertainment, cultural innovation, courier services and other sectors published  more than 20 industry releases: such as white paper, purple book and blue book in convention and exhibition, "China E-commerce Report (2016)", "Top Ten Black Technology to Affect the Future E-commerce", "Beijing Business Services Development Report (2016)", "China Performing Arts Market Development Blue Book "and so on.


Transaction and Exchange Produced Fruitful Achievements. Before the meeting, the organizing committee of 2017 fair through the official website and mobile APP platform released nearly 600 project requirements, launching trade matching in advance. During 2017 fair, 76 promotion and business talks were held, by the means of demand release, project road show, supply and demand docking and other ways, the transaction and agreements were promoted. The technology innovation plate on-site released information technology, energy saving and environmental protection, bio-medicine and other six areas of 120 new technology projects which have attracted customers to actively match make and promote high-quality scientific and technological achievements transforming and landing from the laboratory to market; convention and exhibition service plate organized on-site docking negotiations and reached eight cooperation intentions in exhibition operation, exhibition training, exhibition introduction and cooperation and others; StoryDrive Conference  organized well-known copyright enterprises respectively from the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Austria, India and other countries to carry out more than 50 copyright business negotiations and transaction, further promote the international copyright transaction.