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Contracting Highlights

Yan Ligang, Director of Beijing Municipal Committee of Commerce: 2017 Beijing International Fair for Trade in Services has Actively Enhanced the Development of Trade in Services under “Belt and Road” Initiative

2017 Beijing International Fair for Trade in Services for a period of 5 days has successfully come to an end on June 1. Yan Ligang, the director of Beijing Municipal Committee of Commerce expressed on the signing ceremony of 2017 Beijing International Fair for Trade in Services that 2017 fair focused on promoting the development of service industry and service trade in an opening, innovative and integrated manner; positively docked the fruitful achievements from “Belt and Road” Forum for International Cooperation; concentrated on six major fields such as scientific and technological services, internet and information services and cultural education services. 10 cultural topics were precisely selected including cultural innovation, copyright trading and intangible cultural heritage, etc.; scientific service topics were also specially selected including technical trading, scientific innovation and service outsourcing; 50,000 square meters’ exhibition and 85 forum meetings and business talks have been carried out which have attracted 72,000 businessmen from 96 countries and regions to join in. 2017 fair has made great achievements and has its own special features; it has played a positive role to deepen international service trade cooperation, advancing the liberalization of global service trade, serving the “ Belt and Road” initiative, and stimulating the coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei. 2017 fair has greatly advanced the development and opening up of service industry and has played an active role in turning Beijing into a global cultural center, an international exchange center and a scientific innovation center.

2017 fair has actively enhanced the development of service trade under “Belt and Road” initiative. Businessmen from 33 countries and regions along the “ Belt and Road” initiative registered and joined in the exhibition and conference. 23 countries and regions along the “ Belt and Road” from Asia, Europe and Africa carried out their exhibition in 2017 fair, where they demonstrated and introduced their own advantageous fields, programs and investment environment, and jointly promote the opening-up, cooperation and development of the “Belt and Road” initiative. Zhang Gong, the executive vice mayor of Beijing pointed out in his keynote speech that the implementation of the “ Belt and Road” initiative and the coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei had injected a powerful vitality into the development of service industry and service trade. In the future, Beijing will mainly deepen cooperation in service industry focusing on the “ Belt and Road” initiative. In 2017 fair, the Sichuan theme activities focused on introducing China (Sichuan)Free Trade Pilot Zone, Chengdu International Railway Train Corporation under “Belt and Road” initiative. Representatives of nations, directors of enterprises and relevant associations of commerce from Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Nepal and other countries commonly carried out docking exchange activities and over 10 conferences and forums such as 2017 “Belt and Road” Economic and Trade Cooperation Meeting, 2017 “Belt and Road” Sino-Russian Urban Cooperation Forum and the other conferences. During the conferences, they discussed the new opportunities facing the development of service trade under the “Belt and Road” initiative. Additionally, relevant cultural agencies from 16 countries in Middle and Eastern Europe participated in the second session of Sino-Middle-east National Cultural Innovative Industry Forum and reached 11 cultural cooperation agreements in the presence. Jin Liqun, president of Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank had expressed on the keynote forum that “ Belt and Road” initiative has brought new opportunities for the development of global service industry and service trade. It will promote the interconnection of infrastructure and will further enhanced the development of cargo trade and service trade.