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Contracting Highlights

Beijing Enterprises has Made Fruitful Achievements in 2017 Fair


Beijing enterprises performed pretty well on the 2017 Beijing International Fair for Trade in Services. On the campaign of “Beijing Theme Day”, 40 agreements were signed in the presence, covering a turnover of 15.115 billion US dollars, 30 programs of which came from emerging areas like finance, culture, technology, computer and information service industry. 12.063 billion US dollars were signed on the campaign, which respectively accounted for 75% of the total programs and 79.81% of the signing amount. Besides, emerging high-end service areas will continue maintain a good development momentum. Besides signing programs on “Beijing Theme Day”, during the whole exhibition period, Beijing enterprises also obtained plentiful achievements on other aspects. In the whole Beijing area, 169 programs had been signed with an intentional signing amount of 55.22 billion US dollars on the 2017 China Beijing International Fair for Trade in Services.