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Contracting Highlights

The First Standards on the Construction of Cyber Game Competition Venue in China was Released in 2017 Fair

China Cyber Game Competition Industry Conference was held in the meeting place of 2017 Beijing International Fair for Trade in Services on June 1. On the conference, Standards on the Construction of Cyber Game Competition venue was released, which was the first standards on the construction of the venue and supporting facilities for cyber game competition programs.


Standards on the Construction of Cyber Game Competition Venue was issued by China Sport Venue Association on the official website of Standardization Administration of the People’s Republic of China. It was mainly compiled by Huati Gaming and was published by China Standards Press towards the whole country. The Standards on the Construction of cyber Game Competition Venue mainly included 10 parts like venue classification, functional zoning, house allocation, subsidized facilities supports, software system and smart system, etc.. It was applicable to new built, renovated and expanded permanent cyber game venues that were opened to the public. Besides, the definitions of cyber game competition, cyber game competition venue, host cyber game competition and VR game competition and others were standardized in the Standards.


Feng Jinhu, the secretary general of China Sports Venue Association expressed that according to incomplete statistics, there were roughly 40 international standards and industrial standards on sports venue predominated and formulated by State Physical Culture Administration. However, some of the standards were old fashioned. There were even no standards on emerging domains. He said, “From the viewpoint of guaranteeing the healthy development of sports venue industry and remedying industrial gap, we formulate the systematic plan for team standards of the Association. Cyber game competition is featured by internet+intelligence game competition, which is widely accepted by numerous youths and had enjoyed international acceptance and capital inclination. Therefore, after surveying it for several times, we approve Huati Gaming as the leading unit for compiling the Standards on the Construction of cyber Game Competition.”


Feng Jinhu said, “the Standards on the Construction of cyber Game Competition is the first team standards of the Association. In the future, the Association will timely formulate other team standards and gradually establish a team standards system for the Association.


Furthermore, in the industrial meeting, relevant units were also organized to sign cyber game programs with the total investment scale of 6.7 billion Yuan such as Huati Gaming Group cooperated with Zhangzhou Merchants Bureau Economic and Technological Development Zone to build and run state professional cyber game competition venue which would serve as the permanent final venue of ESCC Cross-Straits cyber Game Competition, Huati Gaming cooperated with Henan Mengzhou People’s Government to build and run the first national featured town themed on “cyber game competition+in bond”, build an international cyber game equipment trading center including bonded storage, processing, international logistics distribution, testing and certificates, exhibition and experience of recreational game.