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Contracting Highlights

The First National Financial Think Tank was Established in Chaoyang District of Beijing


2017 Beijing International Fair for Trade in Services was opened in China National Convention Center on May 28. Chaoyang District of Beijing was the comprehensive trial demonstration district for expanding and opening the service industry of Beijing. Til now, 78 of the 81 2-year tasks that had been confirmed have been implemented, reaching a implementation rate as high as 96%. 28 policies of the 33 trial policies have been landed, reaching a completion rate as high as 85%. Additionally, Chaoyang District of Beijing has established a cooperation with National Lab of Finance and Development and founded the first national financial think tank.


The contracting amount of 16 programs might reach over 100 billion yuan


On the 2017 Chain Beijing International Fair for Trade in Services, Beijing Chaoyang District expanded its opening modules of service industry and themed on “opening, innovation, integration and demonstration”. It attracted more than 40 enterprises and organizations from 8 countries and regions like the United States, Singapore, Malaysia and Pakistan to participate in plate exhibition and contract promotion campaigns.


16 on-site contracting campaigns were carried out including building European cultural featured town, Sino-Malaysian international trading cooperation on plum oil and Yanwen logistics cross-border services. It was predicted that over 100 billion RMB would be contracted.


Service industry expansion and opening achievements exhibition plate was located in the west by north of the exhibition zone on the first floor of China National Convention Center. Yesterday, many visitors were attracted there. Besides holding campaigns like economic and trading negotiations and promotion contracts, it also centered on the development strategies like “ Belt and Road” initiative, the coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, the construction of “four centers” and the alleviation of non-capital functions. Through exhibitions, it interpreted the remarkable achievements that Chaoyang District had made on pushing updates and transformation of service industry, realizing high-level opening development and constructing the new pattern of capital economic development.


Chaoyang District had consecutively participated in four sessions of China Beijing International Fair for Trade in Services and realized programs docking to over 200 enterprises from more than 40 countries covering a contracting amount of over 400 billion Yuan.


28 trial polices on expanding and opening service industry had been landed


As the comprehensive trial demonstration zone on expanding and opening service industry in Beijing, during the past year, Chaoyang District had taken Beijing CBD Business Center, National Cultural Industrial Innovation Experimental Zone and Zhongguancun Chaoyang Park as the main carriers and had made breakthroughs on business services, scientific information services, financial services, cultural innovation, TCM service trading and living services.


In National Cultural Industrial Innovation Experimental Zone, foreign investors could establish performance agencies with their own investment and provide services within the territory of Beijing; foreign-invested financial agencies could set foreign invested banks, private and foreign invested financial agencies could establish Sino-foreign joint ventured bank...28 of the 33 trial policies had been landed. Merck & Co., Apple (China) and the other batch of cross-border enterprises’ R&D centers, Vod One Limited and Tesla had landed in Chaoyang District.


Furthermore, 78 of the 81 2-year tasks that had been confirmed for expanding and opening trials in service industry had been implemented, reaching an implementation rate as high as 96%.


In scientific information service and business service areas, Chaoyang District had set the first National Major Lab on Digital Publishing and type setting standards and founded the Apple’s first R&D center in China. Additionally, the intellectual property fast right maintenance center narrowed the authorization time of patent since it was submitted into 15 working days from 3-6 months. Ruiganglian Co. Ltd. enjoyed the policies on nationwide one-package clearance services. After multiple policies had been landed in Chaoyang District, the innovative vitality in service industry was further intensified which led to a lower threshold for foreign investors to access China market and made it more convenient for China enterprises to invest outbound.


The first national financial think tank was founded in Chaoyang District


Based on the functional positioning as the major agglomeration zone of capital financial agencies, Chaoyang District had gradually improved financial business form, improved its ability to advance financial innovation, improve financial services real economy. A leaping development in financial industry had been achieved which played a leading role in regional economic transformation and updates.


By the end of the first season of 2017, the total amount of financial agencies in Chaoyang District had already reached 1532, accounting for one fourth of the total amount of financial agencies across the city. 316 among them were foreign invested agencies, accounting for above 65% of the total amount of foreign invested agencies across Beijing. Among the newly resided agencies in 2017, Xinmei Life Insurance Mutual-Assistance Agency started to explore the mutual-assistance life insurance in China as the China’s first mutual-assistance life insurance agency.


Furthermore, Chaoyang District had established cooperation with NIFD by founding China’s first national financial think tank, National Financial and Development Lab. It positively built CBD-Guanghua Financial City. Besides, Chaoyang District led the country by implementing the integrated operation and management of the foreign funds from cross-border companies and founded China’s first bank serving scientific innovation which was jointed invested by China and America.