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Niu Zhijin



To put express green package in to practice involves supply chain participation and industrial chain cooperation, and it must start from the origin and be practiced in every link. What matters most for the green development of express industry are efforts by the whole industry from upstream to downstream? When all sectors of the society pay increasing attention to environmental protection, we also found out that more and more express providers make continuing efforts in the process of green package upgrading. In terms of reducing quantity, we witnessed that the penetration rate of electronic express sheet continues to go upward; in storage process, carton lightweight also continues to advance; in recyclable usage, e-commerce platforms advocate that delivery workers recycle cartons from customers and cartons recycling in communities and campus courier station, which all helps to recycle cartons effectively; in using degradable package, gradual use of full biodegrade express bags represents a breakthrough exploration for reducing plastic pollution from plastic express bags.