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Inviting Signal was sent to Chinese Enterprises at Seminar on Investment Promotion in Caribbean Countries

Shopping online has become an integral part of Chinese people’s daily life. If somebody says there is a place where you cannot receive the products bought online, what comes to you must be the south and north poles. However, the Caribbean area is also a place untouched by online shopping. In the 2017 International Fair for Trade in Services "Seminar on Investment Promotion in Caribbean’s Countries", Grenadian ambassador Denis Antoine sent an invitation to Chinese companies and said, "There is no e-commerce platform in Caribbean area. We have 60 million people in dire need of building a platform so they can shop online."—this is your investment opportunity.


Denis Antoine also explained why investing in Grenada. Firstly its exchange rate is quite stable and in Grenada, you will have an access to a high-quality life. And there are many investment opportunities in aspects like spice, cocoa and chocolate. Grenada is a great entrance for your products to directly enter the markets of America, Canada or Europe, which will help you enjoy investment stability. 


In addition, the Caribbean area also represents a fantastic shopping centre for luxury goods. Islands in the area like Grenada, Bahamas all provide many investment opportunities. For instance, although nowadays logistics and e-commerce are quite powerful, there is no e-commerce platform established in the area. There are 60 million people in Caribbean area, and we urgently need a centre like that. Besides, service centre in many sectors can also help us provide service online.


While in Bahamas, besides the very competitive tourism, financial service also plays a very important role.


There are 7,000 small islands in the Caribbean Sea, and for Chinese tourists, many places are waiting for them to explore. Beautiful beaches and profound history are also there for people to explore. Many comfortable sightseeing boats can help tourists travel from one island to another.


At present, there is no direct flight from China to Caribbean area. For example, you must travel through Seattle, New York, New Jersey and Toronto to Bahamas. Visa can be approved within 30 days but another challenge is that transit visa is a must when you transfer in the US or Canada. There are many ways to go to Grenada, but direct flight has not been achieved, so we are working hard on it, hoping one day that Grenada can be accessible with one-stop transportation.


Denis Antoine said, you would have a feel of finding a new self once you went Caribbean area, because you would get excited about the tremendous environment and exotic culture. If you want to go to Grenada or the whole Caribbean area, remember to bring all the things you cherish because you would be unwilling to go back once you go there.