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Chengdu International Railway Port has been built up as a Great Channel of International Trade for Inland China

On a model of China-Europe regular train ("Rong Europe" fast rail) , there are various cultural creative products, handicrafts and typical foods of Sichuan and wine, biscuits from Europe exhibited in order, while on the other side of the venue, several railway containers are put there and inside, models of imported cars are presented, all of which showcase the increasing types of products transported by the fast rail. On the afternoon of 28th, May, "2017 Global Roadshow of Chengdu Qingbaijiang Railway Port Area, China (Sichuan) Pilot Free Trade Zone" was held amid the 2017 Fair.


As an important part of the China-Europe regular railway, “Rong Europe” fast rail has already been operated with a cross-border regular train network of “three lines and two networks” featured by “one main line with several sub-lines, directly connected with many destinations”. “three lines” of the international network all starts from Qingbaijiang Railway Port, with the middle line to Lodz, Poland, south line to Istanbul, Turkey and north line to Russia. There is also Central Asia regular train to the five countries there except “Rong Europe” fast rail. And in China, there are five regular trains under steady operation, which includes “Xia-Rong-Europe”, “Shen-Rong-Europe”, “Kun-Rong-Europe”, “Yong-Rong-Europe”, with 11 new cities connected this year. It is introduced by the person in charge of promotion meeting from Chengdu, that 261 China-Europe regular trains (“Rong Europe” fast rail) have been operated from January to May this year, and all were fully loaded on the way to Europe while the load ratio also reached 70% when it came back.


On 1st, April, China (Sichuan) Pilot Free Trade Zone started operation. Chengdu Qingbaijiang Railway Port Area, as one of the three major areas of Sichuan Pilot Free Trade Area, is endowed with the exceptional advantage of location and great potential for investment as well as development. The planned area for railway port is 9.68 square kilometres. Modern service industries including port service, information service, scientific service and convention and exhibition service are put on top priority for development, more specifically, international commodity gathering, distributing and transferring, bonded logistics and storage, international freight forwarder, distribution exhibition, whole-vehicle import and special finance, aimed at building a vital pillar for international trade channel to connect inland China with Silk Road Economic Belt. Qingbaijiang Railway Port is also Sichuan’s unique national open railway port and its functions already approved includes whole-vehicle import port, wood import appointed port and bonded logistics centre (Type B), and this year, food import appointed port, fruits and wood import appointed port would be put under construction. On 18th, May, the first parallel imported car transaction and exhibition centre in Free Trade Area of Sichuan is put into trial operation, which integrates imported car exhibition, selling, financial and insurance service, auto parts and storage, providing supporting service for downstream of the industry chain.


Representatives from countries along the “Belt and Road” like Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon and Nepal and guests from enterprises and related commercial associations amounted to 120, who were invited to attend the conference. 2017 Fair is the first stop for Chengdu promotion, next it will go to Shenzhen, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Hong Kong as well as Germany, Kazakhstan and Russia, which will further extend the friends circle of Sichuan Pilot Free Trade Zone and Chengdu International Railway Port.