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Brazil is Seeking the Opportunities Along the Belt and Road

In 2017 Beijing International Fair for Trade in Services, the Belt and Road has become the keyword that International exhibitors paid great attention to and sought cooperation for. As an important country along the Belt and Road, Brazil is making great efforts to dock with the opportunity from the initiative. On May 29th, China-Brazil Forum for Economic and Trade Cooperation and Development was held. Luigi Nese, president of Brazilian National Association for Trade in Services, advocated the comprehensive cooperation between enterprises of two countries in the fields of information technology, manufacturing, security, education, finance, trade and tourism.


In order to further implement the Memorandum of Understanding on Trade in Services Cooperation signed by the Ministry of Commerce and the Brazilian Ministry of Industry and Foreign Trade and Service, the Brazilian National Association for Trade in Services jointly signed the comprehensive cooperation agreement with the China Silk Road Group and the Brazilian China Affairs Office in the promotion and introduction meeting. The two sides fully negotiated green energy, tourism infrastructure, science and technology security and other specific projects , and reached a consensus. These projects have not only improved the Brazilian domestic infrastructure, but also brought a wide range of employment opportunities, which is of great significance to deliver more benefits to the people of the two countries and promote economic development between the two countries.


"Luigi Nese said that the service trade accounted for about 70% of Brazil's GDP, and Brazil greatly recognized China's achievements in the field of service in the past decade, and hoped to make extensive cooperation with China in the service trade so that more Chinese enterprises would go to Brazil for investment cooperation, which could achieve resource sharing."


In this meeting, the representatives of China and Brazil enterprises also signed cooperation agreements on sports, culture, city rail, agriculture, software services and other projects, including the agreement on vehicle cooperation between Brazil TTRANS Transportation Systems Co., Ltd. and CRRC Dalian R&D Co.,Ltd., the agreement on agricultural cooperation between the Brazilian China Affairs Office Consortium and the Royal Feng Industrial Group, the agreement on software cooperation between Brazil APDATAS Software Services Co., Ltd. and Inner Mongolia UU Jinfu Information Technology Co., Ltd., the agreement on cross - border electric business cooperation between Brazil RGM Technology Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Richmaster Information Technology Co., Ltd., the agreement on large data cooperation between Brazil Dataconsult Information Technology Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Sino Data Technology Co., Ltd., and the agreement on solar cooperation between Brazil SOLPEX Solar Systems Co., Ltd. and Zhongding International Co., Ltd.