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China Express Green Packaging Industry Alliance started


On May 29, a great number of well-known enterprises of the express delivery industry and related industries held a signing ceremony in the 2017 Beijing International Fair for Trade in Services, more than 10 express service contracts involving e-commerce, manufacturing, and agriculture and cross-border business projects. "China Express Green Packaging Industry Alliance" started at the signing ceremony. China Express Green Packaging Industry Alliance that was co-organized by China Express Association and tens of express as well as packaging enterprises, several trade organizations and business platform will jointly promote technological and environmental packaging materials, enhance the recycle of express packaging materials, simply express packaging and guide the whole society to focus on the practice of environmental protection concepts, to achieve the green development of express packaging.


Enterprises that participated in the strategic cooperation are the leading companies in the express delivery industry, including China Post, EMS, SF, YTO, STO, ZTO, Yunda, ZJS Express, Best Express, TTK, UC, Quanfng, Fast Express, GTO and Deppon etc. According to the agreement, the 15 companies and CAINIAO Network based on cloud computing services will promote the industry’s informatization promotion, through the cooperation on the electronic waybill, cloud customer service and other products.


Among them, the electronic waybill is the basis of express delivery industry’s informatization. The latest data show that in the Chinese retail platform, usage of CAINIAO standardized electronic waybill reached 81%, which has become the infrastructure of Wisdom Logistics. Intelligent cloud customer service is able to deliver the customers’ customer service needs to the nearest express service network directly and to response to customers’ needs immediately.


In addition to the cooperation on data-plane, the 15 companies will also optimize and advance the service capacity of all aspects of express delivery. The focus is to jointly explore new informatization products and end services projects through the link optimization, and to promote the overall service level of the industry from the end.