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Bruno Masier

Bruno Masier

President of World Trade Point Federation (WTPF)


UNESCO has been underlined the significance of cultural creativity in sustainable development. Asia has been the most vibrant region with strongest economic development in the world, and many Asian countries are also committed to the combination of culture and creative industry, regarding it as a driving force for more jobs and benefits. Asia has been taking the leadership position in cultural diversity while developing with support and cooperation beyond borders, so I believe the creative economy is of great significance for China and Asia. China’s economy is undergoing a transformation period with innovation as the engine and more cooperation with other countries is required.

As for the future development, we will rely more on how to utilize better resources, knowledge and creative talents to fuel innovation, especially under the present complicated environment, which means we must have a better understanding of the development strategies of different regions. By doing so, we would be able to achieve a better connection between culture and creativity, sustainable development in infrastructure, more support and cooperation for the local economy as well as compatibility in aspects like education and global strategy.