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Macedonia is Optimistic about the" Belt and Road “Opportunity

Many countries are optimistic about the “Belt and Road” initiative, Macedonia is no exception. Zorica Tashkovska, the acting head of the Macedonia embassy in Beijing, delivered a speech at The Republic of Macedonia Investment and Trade opportunities business conference of 2017 Beijing International Fair for Trade in services. She stated that China, one of the top ten trading partners of Macedonia, was of great significance.”The Belt and Road” initiative is intended to build an effective, pragmatic and consistent cooperative partnership, and to achieve common development and mutual benefit based on the openness, tolerance and mutual respect. 


When it comes to the Sino-Macedonia cooperation, Cui mingmo, the president of China Association for International Economic Cooperation (CAFIEC) declared that Macedonia is one of the central and eastern European countries along the Belt and Road route, as it boasts obvious geographic advantage. Consequently, it’s an important partner for the Belt and Road initiative. The government of Macedonia has generate d considerable support for the project , on the other hand , The Chinese companies has embraced Macedonia’s train project valuing $ 10billion which is one of the special projects that stand the first to get off the drawing board central and eastern European countries. China has exported six bullet trains to Macedonia, which is also the first time for China to export to the Europe. Some entrepreneurs of Macedonia are trying to develop the Chinese market, participating in various trade fairs in China to promote its premium products. The Belt and Road combines the advancement of China and Macedonia, which is projected to generate mutual benefits and win-win cooperation.


Besides, Cui mingmo introduced that China had proposed to create Land Sea Express Route after the launch of the Belt and Road initiative. As China, Hungry and Serbia sealed contract, the Express Route, via the Macedonia’s capital, will be accessible to 32million people as it spans 1500 miles. After the construction, the express will become the route for the trade of China and the Europe, significantly contributing to the connection between the central and eastern European countries.


"Mr.Cui believed that the Belt and Road initiative generated unprecedented opportunities for the economic cooperation of the two countries. The results of Sino-Macedonia cooperation show that the project provides a better prospect of the cooperation in various sectors for China and the central and the eastern European countries. Only with a stronger cooperation, can the two parties walk longer.