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Ding Wei

Ding Wei

Vice Minister of Culture, P.R.C


With the development of material civilization, people will have an increasingly larger demand for spiritual products, and cultural industry and trade has become the pillar industry for some countries. In 2015, the volume of Chinese consumption in the cultural market has reached 2 trillion RMB, which is expected to exceed 5 trillion RMB by 2020, and it means China develops with strong foreign cultural trade and massive market. There will be an increasing demand for cultural products for countries along the Belt & Road are making great efforts to develop the cultural industry and explore the cultural market. These countries are endowed with rich cultural resources, huge cultural market and cultural industry in be in the ascendant. The initiative also brings China’s foreign trade with new opportunities of upgrading and improvement in quality and efficiency. The cultural industry cooperation between China and countries along the “Belt and Road” will embrace great potential and future.