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Yan Xiaoyan

 Yan Xiaoyan

Deputy Director General, Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce


During the 13th Five Year Plan period, Beijing will actively implement the national strategies including the Belt & Road and the Coordinated Development of Beijing-Hebei-Tianjin Region as well as the comprehensive pilot work of opening-up for its service industry, so as to advance trade in services, promote the upgrading by mass consumption and maintain a steady growth of trade in services. At present, we must seek progress while securing stability, actively implement all policies, stabilize and optimize the development scheme for the service industry, finally forging an international, legalized and convenient business environment. In addition, we will stick to seek innovation from stability and firmly promote the supply-side reform in the service industry, improving the quality and efficiency of service in Beijing. We will also put great efforts into developing a high-grade and advanced economic structure, exploring new space with new merits to facilitate the innovative development of service industry and trade in services in Beijing.