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Long Yongtu

 Long Yongtu

Former Secretary-general of Boao Forum for Asia and former Vice Minister of MOFTEC


I believe that international production capacity cooperation must benefit the involved countries with improvements in people’s livelihood and infrastructure, and employment is the basis of livelihood, which means creating more jobs should be the priority task for global capacity cooperation. In international capacity cooperation, we are encountered with the problem of how to create more jobs, which is also concerned by countries along the Belt and Road. Developing infrastructure along the “Belt and Road” would definitely create more jobs, mutual benefits and win-win results must be particularly stressed in the cooperation and be aware of what our partners are thinking about and what they want as well as what we can provide and create. If our partners need more jobs, then we focus on improving employment, increasing revenue and reforming the economic structure in global capacity cooperation. After all these questions have reached right answers, the international production capacity will become the highlight of the Belt and Road, and finally benefiting our both sides and people even the whole world.