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Sino-Russian Strategic Partnership Keeps Blossoming

China, sharing thousands of miles of border with Russia, is a good neighbor, good mate and good friend. And Russia is the first country to support the "Belt and Road" initiative. On the Sino-Russia City cooperation forum of the  2017 Beijing International Fair for Trade in Services, Ke yongguo, vice director of Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce, stated that Beijing and the cities of Russia would embrace more development opportunities with the international cooperation along the "Belt and Road" .


Since China and Russia reached a consensus on the "Belt and Road” initiative and Eurasian Economic Union, the two countries have maintained steady interactions and gendered significant outcomes. Two years on, Sino-Russian strategic partnership keeps blossoming, the cooperation on various sectors delivered new results. From January to April, bilateral trade volume of Beijing and Russia amounted to $ 3.88 billion, or an increase of 24.1% in a year to year. By April, 2017, Russia has established 183 foreign trade enterprises in Beijing, and gained $21.49 million.


Russia and China boast unique characteristics of constitution of resources, industries and industrial and agricultural products. They are complementary and share enormous prospects. Mr. offered three advices on the forum.


First, build a sound environment for investment and trade. To secure the development of enterprises of China and Russia, Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce will employ the favorable opportunity, namely, the service industry expanding integrated trail points , to proactively streamline government functions and administration and delegate powers while improving regulation . Besides, it will optimize the service reform and create a sound environment for investment and trade. As to the service and management of two-way investment and tangible goods trade, great efforts will be made on innovating institutions and mechanisms, and on a better operation process, preceding the foreign cooperation for companies of both parties to the maximum 


Second, strengthen the policy guide to help enterprises expand foreign trade. As China and Russia share a great prospect for cooperation, the governments need to make full use of the advantage of the support policy of open economy including guidance and leverage. The tools like finance, tax revenue, and insurance, if comprehensively integrated, a policy support system involving all sectors will come into force, and consequently, the foreign trade would become more convenient. To achieve the mutual recognition on the standards of customs supervision and inspection and quarantine.


Third, endeavor to build a pragmatic and effective platform for the two countries to enhance communication and promote mechanism.


In recent years, Beijing and the countries along the "Belt and Road" have made considerable success on cooperation. In the first quarter of 2017, the bilateral trade volume registered $ 26.97 billion, an increase of 41.6% in a year to year. The rate is 15.7% higher than that of the whole Beijing, making up 35.2% of the foreign trade volume of Beijing.