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China Has 880 Million Women and Children, Maternal and Child Health Promote the Irresistible Trend of "Internet +"

China has 880 million women and children, and with the implementation of a comprehensive two-child policy, the number of service objects will be further increased. "Internet + Insurance" Summit Forum became a highlight in the maternal and child health sector of the 2017 Beijing International Fair for Trade in Services. Zhang Wenkang, honorary life president of Chinese Maternal and Child Health Association (CMCHA), said that with the improvement of people's living standards, women and children put forward higher requirements of maternal and child health services. To explore new model of global health management, it is an irresistible trend to actively apply the Internet technology to do maternal and child health services.


"The advancing of Internet is conducive for the close integration of offline health care services and online business, making high-quality resources pass down, providing better quality and more convenient health management services for women and children, and it is conducive for health care institutions at all levels to provide online follow-up, telemedicine and other services, it is conducive for creating maternal and child health industry chain, supplying  the field where high-end demand and basic medical security cannot cover", Zhang Wenkang said.


In this forum, Aibaoyun Technology Co., Ltd. and CMCHA jointly launched the platform of maternal and child health wisdom cloud, and relying on the construction of cloud platform to create efficient integration of maternal and child health management system to achieve the provincial, municipal, district, village four-level service system for triage and referral; improve the efficiency and  experience in birth registration management, household registration management, immunization information exchange, maternal and child life cycle management and service business closed-loop management through the organic combination with relevant information platforms.


With the full implementation of two-child policy, a series of problems such as the shortage of children's medical resources, uneven distribution of pediatrician, supply and demand contradiction of children's medical and health become more and  more serious. "Baby health" has established an efficient and smooth business health insurance alliance to conform to the general trend, launched commercial medical insurance products such as children outpatient, hospital, major diseases, special diseases to provide exclusive pediatric expert team services, exclusive customer management services, exclusive health records management services, exclusive green medical channel services, exclusive medical direct compensation services for the members who purchase the products, to provide high-quality medical service experience genuinely.


Taivex Cloud Health created an integrated service platform for commercial insurance of cloud health care called Yunbaoyi, which is free from time and space and really regard the patients, hospitals, and commercial insurance companies as the center, covering the whole process of seeing a doctor in the hospital. Integrated appointment, diagnosis and treatment, online automatic integration and transmission of claims data, rapid transfer of funds can be achieved through the platform of "Yunbaoyi", besides, it combined with medical credit system to facilitate patient treatment and solve the problem of hospital arrears. At the same time, it achieved the remote management of the hospital for president through large data analysis of customer health management.