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Sino-Brazil Cooperation on Trade in Services Promises a Broader Prospect

Speaking of China's cooperation with Brazil, we all think of football. Indeed, at the 4th China International Fair for Trade in Services last year, digital eagle UAV in China-Brazil cooperation, and introductions to Brazil Gremio football school and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu have become the highlight of the activities on the Brazilian Theme Day. At the 2017 Fair, football is still one of the focuses on the "Brazilian Theme Day", but Luigi, president of Brazilian National Association for Trade in Services said that in addition to football, Sino-Brazil trade in services has a broader space.


"As cooperation between China and Brazil in the field of football is very important, we are willing to provide opportunities for exchanges between China and Brazil in this field to help the Chinese teams become more professional; we also hope to bring Brazilian culture to China, promoting cultural exchanges between the two countries through establishing samba schools in China and holding Carnival activities, and to bring Chinese Spring Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival and other traditional festivals to Brazil for the purpose of the establishment of cultural exchanges.” Luigi said, although Brazil's economy is currently facing some threats, but it is still striving to enable Chinese enterprises to understand Brazil and to carry out cooperation with Brazilian enterprises in broader areas.


Luigi saidBrazil fully recognizes China's achievements in the service over the past decade and hopes to cooperate extensively with China in the service industry. In addition, he said, Brazil has a long coastline and is rich in tourism resources, but the infrastructure construction in Brazil is in urgent need of promotion. The Brazil side hopes that China can invest in and cooperate with Brazil in infrastructure construction and share Brazilian tourism resources.


In introducing the Sino-Brazil signed projects, Zhi Weizhong, chairman of Asia Business Culture Exchange Center of Brazil, revealed that cooperation in several specific projects will be reached at the Forum on Economic and Trade cooperation and Development between China and Brazil. He emphasized the cooperation in the football industry between the two sides, and expressed that Brazil will focus on Beijing and will spread Brazilian football culture in China. "We have established cooperative relations with the Bureau of Education in Jiangyin City, supplying this city with football education and other resources, and assisting the comprehensive promotion of the campus football. In the future, we will center on Beijing with the supplement of Chongqing and Jiangyin to gradually promote Brazilian football culture in China, and then carry out football training and the training for football coaches, and hold football tournament." Zhi Weizhong revealed, Brazilian enterprises are actively promoting the plan of football-featured town and have reached cooperation intention with Jiangsu province and Shandong province. This football-featured town will be put into construction by the end of this year.


In addition to the football industry, Zhi Weizhong also said, Brazil is willing to provide financial and technical support for China in the development of policies, and to establish China-Brazil international navigation industrial zone composed of aircraft manufacturing, flight training and other parts in Shandong province and Inner Mongolia. Zhi Weizhong is optimistic about the economic and trade relations between the two sides. He said Brazil is willing to work jointly with Chinese entrepreneurs to make greater contributions in the promotion of bilateral development and cooperation in economy, trade, culture, sports and other fields.


Wang Qingyuan, former Chinese minster to Brazil, fully affirmed the solid Sino-Brazil economic and trade basis. He said, “China is the largest trading partner and the largest investment destination in Latin America, and the fields of cooperation are being further expanded. In terms of infrastructure, more and more Chinese enterprises go to Brazil to investigate railways, highways, electricity, mechanical equipment as well as smart cities. In the area of finance, CLAI Fund, and China-Brazil bilateral production capacity cooperation fund will provide a favorable financial support for cooperation on Sino-Brazil infrastructure ".