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Ou Xiaoli

Ou Xiaoli, Inspector in Western Division of National Development and Reform Commission  


China proposed three principles in promoting the Belt and Road Initiative: negotiation, co-construction, sharing.


The negotiation is to solve the problems on how to construct. The Chinese considerations have to dock with the international considerations, and take the demands and interests of other countries into account. When discussing the cooperation, China stresses the harmony in diversity without any political conditions, making friends before doing business.


The co-construction solved the problem that who will build it. The projects and the countries along will do it together. Our interests, fate and responsibility are closely linked together. We follow the business model of government promotion, enterprise dominant and market operation. Such a collaborative approach of our development model has a great advantage.


The sharing is to solve the problem that for whom it is built. The construction of the Belt and Road is not poverty alleviation, not aid foreign, but we put our own interests and the interests of our partners together. There are so many countries on the Eurasian continent and the development of the economy to improve people's livelihood is their common strong demands, so they are very willing to cooperate with us. I think this may be the mystery that the Belt and Road Initiative achieved such a result in only three years.