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Overseas Guests

Federica Iellici

Federica Iellici, Consultant of UNESCO Beijing Office


For the 2005 related convention on the protection of diversity, now there are 145 States parties including China. The convention has such a principle that enables us to better design and implement policies, and gives us enough support for some of the contemporary cultural ideas. Let's take a look at the main objectives of the convention:


The first objective is to recognize our policy of implementing the corresponding diversity of cultural expression, and to recognize the promotion in a mutually beneficial situation.


The second goal is to realize that we have a dual character about cultural goods and services: economic nature and cultural value. In terms of economy, of course, there are more job opportunities and income with the promotion for innovation and sustainable development. In terms of society, it will also create more identification and promote more sense of belonging.


The third objective for the artist is to create such an environment that can create, produce, disperse, disseminate, enjoy and appreciate our products and creativity of cultures.


The fourth goal is to enable all of our Parties to develop the rise and formation of a culture, such as music, television and film, as just what Ms. Quintana said, which also promoted national cultural evolution of some developing countries.


The fifth objective is to introduce the most favored treatment to MFN. Especially for developing countries, we have an open, balanced equilibrium of cultural products and activities, but this is mainly for developing countries.


The sixth goal, the most important one, is to reconnect the link between culture and sustainable development, mainly for developing countries to support national and international actions and  to ensure the true meaning of cultural connections.