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Overseas Guests

Lemontov Mikhail Yuriyevich


 Lemontov Mikhail Yuriyevich, First Vice Chairman of Cultural Professional Committee of the Social House of the Russian Federation, and Consultant of Minister to Culture of the Russian Federation


I would like to say that not long ago, Mr. Xi Jinping's talk once mentioned that he hoped to find a way to develop a common future with us, and our common future is a common development, which can be achieved only if we are equal. In our view, equality is the most important part in our hearts. If we develop the "Belt and Road" initiative through equality, then our common future will develop better.


Culture is the combination of all human activities, all things, and all the dynamics of our countries. Here, culture leads us together towards a common future. If every country can build up the culture, the "Belt and Road" initiative will have a better development. In recent years, it can be found that there is a growing feeling that the power of mankind is the largest market. Russia, China, and other countries have a lot in common in the history, and now our slogan is developing the common history into our common future.