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Zhou Maofei

Zhou Maofei, Executive Director General of State-owned Cultural Assets Supervision and Administration Office of the People's Government of Beijing Municipality (SOCASAO)


Since the "Belt and Road" initiative has been put forward, Beijing has practically promoted and constructed the new pattern of cultural trade led by the "Belt and Road" initiative, based on the function of the national cultural center of the capital and the international association center, continuously explored the mode of the development of foreign cultural trade, and actively played the role of leading the development, pioneering innovation as well as providing the typical demonstration. To further accelerate the construction of foreign cultural trade infrastructure, we support cultural enterprises, expand cultural export channels to carry out foreign cultural trade business, and make full use of large-scale cultural trading platforms like CIFTIS, ICCIE and cultural exchange platforms such as the Beijing Design Week, and Beijing International Film Festival to promote international cultural exchanges and cooperation. In order to create a more convenient environment for the development of foreign cultural trade, Beijing has provided the policy guarantee from policy, finance, taxation and government service. In the financial special funds, for the enterprises in the type of foreign cultural trade with culture going global, we take subsidies, loan discounts, incentives and other models to support enterprises to carry out foreign cultural investments including mergers and acquisitions, and the establishment of overseas theaters, television stations, and incubators. SOCASAO has also actively implemented the state strategy of the "Belt and Road" initiative, and formulated a series of matched policies and measures combined with the current situation and the actual needs of Beijing's cultural trade. The good news is that the cultural and creative industries in Beijing have made considerable progress and development in recent years.