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Xu Zhijun

Xu Zhijun, Deputy Secretary General of the People's Government of Beijing Municipality


At present, Beijing is implementing the "Belt and Road" Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei coordinated development strategy, focusing on promoting the expansion of opening up and overall pilot plan in the service sector, deepening the innovation-driven development strategy, speeding up the construction of innovative cities, in order to promote Beijing's cooperation with the global creative economic development, share new opportunities, and to seek common development. And I would like to take this opportunity to submit three suggestions:

The first is to strengthen the multi-field, multilevel and multiform cooperation. Beijing is in the critical period of development, so we will actively strengthen relations with foreign embassies in China, international organizations, trade promotion agencies, and all kinds of enterprises. We will better combine the development strategies of both sides with their respective advantages, bring the resources of all parties together, and strengthen multi-field, multilevel and multiform cooperation, thus jointly providing a better service for the development of enterprises.

Second, build more pragmatic and effective exchange and cooperation platforms. We should take the demands of enterprises at home and abroad as the orientation, based on the Beijing International Economic and Trade Cooperation Network Information Service Platform, with the economic and trade group visit, overseas liaison activities, Overseas Beijing International Economic and Trade Development Service Center as the carrier, to achieve online services and  offline interactive linkage, promote the cooperation between Beijing exhibition institutions and international well-known exhibition brands, and build the domestic and overseas exhibition cooperation platforms. We will deepen the pragmatic economic and trade cooperation with foreign agencies in China, institutions functioning abroad and all economies, increase the number of Overseas Beijing International Economic and Trade Development Service Center, build overseas trade and investment mutual cooperation platform, and promote exchanges between industries and enterprises, to strengthen mutual understanding, create a good atmosphere of mutual benefit, and promote pragmatic cooperation between the two sides and win-win cooperation business opportunities.

Third, create a good environment for innovation and development. We will deepen the reform of the administrative examination and approval system combined with the open and comprehensive trials of the service industry, promote the accumulation of resource elements to the creative economy, give full play to the market mechanism, optimize the management and service of innovation and entrepreneurship, and improve compliance oversight, unleashing and powering the market subject. We will strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights of innovation fruits in new types of business and new fields, increase the crackdown on infringement, strengthen the construction of the credit system, and optimize the environment of innovation and development.