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Overseas Guests

Zhuang Weikai

Zhuang Weikai, Commercial Counselor of the Economic Division of French Embassy in China 


France supports China's Belt and Road Initiative construction and puts this support into action. On the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation held in Beijing on May 15th, French president and the former prime minister led a delegation to attend the forum and delivered a speech at the high-level meeting of the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation, saying that the Belt and Road Initiative advocated by President Xi Jinping indicates that he attaches great importance to Eurasian cooperation.


France is one of the major shareholders of ADB (Asian Development Bank) and is the second largest shareholder except for Asian countries. As European Union's important green center, Paris ranked first in the green finance and financial technology in the EU region. And France accounts for up to 40% in the overseas use of RMB. France also promotes a number of the Belt and Road related projects under the framework of the EU. A joint platform meeting was held in Brussels in Belgium in September 2015, and some collaborative projects were selected. In 2015, China and France issued a joint statement on third-party market cooperation to strengthen industrial cooperation and actively explore third-party market.