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Xu Zhijun

Xu Zhijun, Deputy Secretary-General of Beijing Municipal Government


We all know that geographical indication is a new type of intellectual property rights, it is the product quality characteristic and reputation logo, the brand symbol, the crystallization of the quality, the embodiment of the value,  the symbol of regional culture and regional image, it plays an important role in promoting the formation, development and prosperity of special industries, in some areas, geographical indications products have become a strong brand to cultivate the brand and the bright business card for the opening,  a powerful driving force to create an important support for the industry to promote industrial transformation and upgrading, Beijing has highlighted the brand cultivation, promotion and protection for a long time, take the development of geographical indications industry as an important part of the reform to promote the supply side, to strengthen the development and utilization of geographical indications trademark protection, and continuously improve the product quality and market competitiveness, to strengthen the characteristic industries, to really transfer the resource advantages into economic advantages, the economic advantages into sustainable development advantages.