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Achieving Express Delivery Green Packaging needs to reduce from the Source

In recent years, while express enterprises are in the competition of smart technology, they also start a new competition of “Green” packaging material. During the 2017 Beijing International Fair for Trade in Services, China Express Association along with nearly 20 express enterprises and relative enterprises attended. In the aspects of “black technology”, their highlights are intelligent storage robots, sorting robots, VR video, QR code waybill. In the aspects of green environmental protection, their bright spots are folders that can be used twice, free tape cartons, oxidized biodegradable express bags and others. Besides, the key points of this year’s business show are fresh food cold chain distribution, express to the countryside, "Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation" cooperation, reverse logistics and international development.


However, in order to achieve green packaging, the key is to reduce from the source. on September 5, the 2017 China Express "last mile" summit was held in Beijing. That day the summit show three research reports on the express delivery service, express new energy vehicles and the development status and trends of express green packaging.


"2017 China Express field green packaging development status and trend report" pointed out that since 2016, the government and relevant departments have frequently introduced a great number of policies that benefit express delivery package greening development. The postal management department has finished revising and drafting work of the express delivery’s national packaging standards and the occupation standards of the tape. Express packaging has obtained initial results in the greening, reduction, recycling and other aspects.


First, the reducing of express delivery packaging has attained noticeable achievements. Electronic waybills are greatly augmented to 70%. Use of tape and plastic bags were markedly reduced and use of packaging tape for a single express decreases by 25% in contrast with other years. In the whole year of 2016, it saves packaging tape, 64 100 million meters, and the total using amount of plastic bags also decreases by 17.76%.


Second, express green packaging explores positively. The express, electricity business and packaging enterprises actively explore the research and development, production and trial of degradable raw materials.


Third, it has formed a popular trend that express enterprises recycle packaging materials. In 2016, the amount of recyclable packaging material accounts for 30% of direct using amount of national express industry.


At the same time, the report also shows that the current six express packaging materials except envelopes, woven bags and waybills, more than half of the materials (mainly including crates, fillers, plastic bags, tape) are from the electricity dealers or platforms. To achieve green packaging, it needs to be reduced from the source.