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Digital Technology :A Hot Spot of Global Investment

On the 2017 China Beijing International Fair for Trade in Services, Martijn Hos, Policy Director of E-Commerce Association in European Union said in his address that people of China and Europe were attaching more importance to the digital sector. In Europe, many investors swarm into the sector of internet technology, and loads of software developers are technology companies.


He said, e-commerce in Europe developed quite fast and the association provided services like lobbying and consulting for customers from 25 countries as well as some researches on policies. During the past several years, the association’s research found out that many people in China and Europe are very interested in digits. And the statistics show that, in Europe, 50% internet searchers are initiated through a voice message, which is why many companies increased their investment on it.


Europe as a whole achieved 520 billion Euros of e-commerce transaction in 2016 while in this year; it will exceed 600 billion Euros with an increase of 13%. Martijn Hos explained with an example that, e-commerce transaction in Western Europe presented the biggest and Germany is the third largest market of European e-commerce with the central Europe contributing 10%. In the South Europe market, e-commerce in Turkey witnessed an increase by 40%, while Britain will make e-commerce transaction increase to more than 200 billion Euros in 2017. Especially the Black Friday has become a grant shopping carnival. In addition, it is estimated that France will embrace an 80-billion-euro transaction volume of e-commerce in 2017. 


Martijn Hos believed that, from the perspective of technology, automatic speech recognition is a way to enhance shopping experiences and also represents a good investment target. IKEA leads the AR technology in Europe, which can help its customers make choices. At the same time, based on consumers’ choosing process, some experts even predict that 50% online searches would be initiated by voice search within the next five years.