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Innovation Adds New Energy to Commercial Service Industry

As a part of activities in 2017 fair, 2017 Beijing Commercial Service Industry Development Forum & the 4th Nine Rings Summit invited presidents or CEOs from global top 100 enterprises in the commercial service industry and renowned enterprises at home and abroad to conduct a discussion around exploring international market, serving for “Belt and Road” initiative and coordinated development in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region. Innovation becomes the key word of this forum.


Mr. Yuan Yue, the president of Beijing Dataway Data Polytron Technologies Inc., thinks, “‘Belt and Road’ initiative is actually a “four-flow” reconstitution--- logistic flow, capital flow, information flow and talent flow. The four features all have a close tie with commercial service industry. Its biggest advantage in Beijing is that amounts of international business service enterprises locate their headquarters here. “Belt and Road” initiative brings possibility for Chinese commercial service industry to be a transnational service supplier. Taking the data industry where Dataway is as an example, we can find only data and report are provided in data industry. Now, especially under the initiative, people hope that the data can have a better connection with the service and capital in use. Therefore, in the cooperation with countries along “Belt and Road” route, we need put the data at a prior position and then plan, finally implement and coordinate. Mr. Yue said, “He does believe the construction of “Belt and Road” initiative will provide more opportunities of global development for Chinese business service supplier institutes. And we are also able to develop new service patterns and forms.”


Mr. Zou Jun, China Vice Chairman of KPMG, mentioned, “the company’s service was more given to such high-end customers with a big enterprise size in the past. But now, with the development of “Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation”, more medium-sized enterprise, even small-sized ones and start-up ones, will spring out. They need various kinds of service. And to catch this market opportunity, in 2015, KPMG cooperated with Haidian Park of Zhongguancun in Beijing to establish KPMG Innovation and Entrepreneurship Sharing Center. The center will accompany the growth of enterprises through intervening in early time and providing service, win benefits from the rapid growth of enterprises and focus on looking for new business growth points. Mr.Zou said, “The center has provided services for over 2000 start-up enterprises. Especially many enterprises have got over the beginning period. ”


Mr. Yang Yu, Vice President of Hanker International Group, said, “Hanker, which concentrates on building scientific technology zones and technology incubators, is making a global layout. So far 8 overseas zones in 5 fields have been established in 3 countries. “This year, Hanker will continue to deepen the global ecological system and integrating all elements for enterprises’ globalization. We will combine overseas advanced technologies, talents and projects with Chinese capitals and market. At the same time, we will attract foreign technologies and projects to incubate in the zone in order to promote their growth with Chinese characteristics at the beginning.”


Mr. Yan Zhongqiu, Vice Chairman of Beijing CPPCC, said, “We hope enterprises in commercial service industry can promote innovation through innovation in service, format and pattern, and to add new energy for its development. Make full use of modern technologies and apply the way of ‘Internet plus service outlets’ to establish a convenient and quick business service network, which will make business service more lively, popular and energetic. Your service subjects will obtain more sense of gain. ”